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YOURSAY 'Abdul Rahman Dahlan has accused that Christians have wrongly printed the Al-Kitab, thus has to be burned by Muslims. What an insulting statement.'

Can't compare Ibrahim Ali with Alvivi, says minister

your say Joker: Of course, we cannot compare Alvivi (Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee) with Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali. Alvivi insult and call people names. Ibrahim threatens and urges physical violence.

Alvivi did it on Facebook, then apologised. Ibrahim did it through the mass media and blamed the same media for twisting his words. Alvivi are ordinary nobodies. Ibrahim was an elected representative and Umno pet attack goon.

Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Abdul Rahman Dahlan, please remember Ramadan is a holy month for all Muslims. ‘Pahala' (heavenly reward) is magnified whereas sins such as maligning and lying are severely frowned upon.

We all know that the Bibles were not misprints. We all know what Ibrahim actually said and we all know you all are in it together as Umno is Perkasa and Perkasa is Umno. Your paramount leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is Perkasa patron, has decreed it as such.

Changeagent: Abdul Rahman, you surely are loose with your facts. When was there ever "errors" of printing in the Bibles that Ibrahim Ali asked to burn? Just because Umno disapproves the use of certain words by other religions does not mean they are errors.

Article 11(3) of the federal constitution does emphasise that every religious group has the right to manage their own religious affairs. On this basis, Ibrahim Ali is just as guilty as Alvivi in attacking other religions and threatening interfaith harmony.

Bystander: Abdul Rahman, you came across to me now as a typical imbecile and yet could still be a minister. Who is Ibrahim Ali to decide that the Bible with the word ‘Allah' be considered wrongly printed in the first place?

He could foretell that the judges will decide based on his stupid acumen? Please stop defending Ibrahim Ali and try to vindicate the sin he has committed.

Malaysia ABU: This really offended me as a Christian. The minister has accused that we Christians have wrongly printed our Al-Kitab (the Bible), thus has to be burned by Muslims. What an insulting statement.

Toffeesturn: If Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Nordin did no wrong, then Alvivi cannot have done wrong.

The truth is both of them committed a wrong of equal magnitude, so when you arrest one to be charged, you must arrest the other.

But the irony is that Zulkifli committed his wrong earlier, he should have been arrested much earlier. Is the police force Umno's puppets?

Ablastine: The sad truth is that Ibrahim Ali and gang can do and say anything they like. No matter how offensive it is to everyone, nothing will happen to them. This is because they are part and parcel of the same mafia which is now occupying the seat of power in this country.

There is one set of law for gang members and another set of law for the population in general. Obviously Malaysia will die a slow death with these parasites at the helm.

Fair Play: Dear Minister, if you have read the comments of the rakyat (mostly non-Muslims), you would have noted that they condemned what Alvivi did.

No right-thinking Malaysian would want to hurt the feelings of another Malaysian, especially from another community in matters connected with race and religion. So, you are merely comparing apples with oranges to justify the harsh action taken.

All right-thinking Malaysians believe that Ibrahim Ali, as a politician, is a racist of the worst kind. If BN or more specifically Umno want to unite the rakyat, you should start first by according a more equitable treatment to all Malaysians, regardless of race and religion.

Otherwise, the national reconciliation propounded by the PM is just one of many slogans that bear no real meaning to the rakyat, and national unity is but a pipe dream after more than 50 years as a nation.

Ace: Sometimes it's strange how things turn out. Initially many of us were full of scorn and contempt for this Avivi couple because of their stupidity and clamour for publicity.

But after learning of the great injustice that they faced in not being granted bail and after comparing the swift severe action taken against them vis-a-vis the deliberate inaction against some who had done far more severe provocation, our contempt has actually turned to pity.

Double standards is the most contemptuous, evil and despicable thing that any government or organisation can practise.

Joker: Although I do think Alvivi have been selectively punished, I do believe in Malaysia's context and from the duo's antics, Alvivi deserve to be punished. They were clearly seeking for attention.

This is the month of Ramadan for crying out loud. Pious Muslims, like all religious followers, take their faith seriously and Ramadan is as serious as it gets to a Muslim. Even hypocritical Muslims would do their damnest to adhere to Islamic teachings during this month when it comes to fasting and praying.

So for Alvivi's stupidity and tendency to play with fire, they deserved to be ‘burnt'. What Malaysians generally object to is that other much bigger ‘fire starters' were let off the hook with nothing but a wink and a wave.

Jessy43: Poor logic, Abdul Rahman. It is not a typo error. It is not wrong facts.

It is just a word that has been used by several cultures for a quite a long time and is still accepted by those in other countries.

Alkitab 'printing error' only in the peninsula?

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