Confirmed - Perkasa immune from Sedition Act

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YOURSAY 'No evidence? Are they ignorant on how to use YouTube or they don't understand Zulkifli Noordin's speech in BM?'

IGP: AG's Chambers ordered probe on Zul Noordin stopped

your say LittleGiant: The inspector-general of police (IGP), attorney-general (AG) and even the cabinet members in the government can say anything they want to defend their statements and actions. It does not matter whether what they say has any sense or not.

But it all boils down to prove one thing - that this country has two sets of laws. One for the ruling elite and their hardcore supporters and another for those not favoured by them.

Isn't it obvious now that selective prosecution is here to stay and the government does not care about what the rakyat think or feel about it?

Appum: In Alvivi's case, there was video evidence. Wasn't there video evidence in Zulkifli's case too? Maybe the video cameras were different?

Anonymous_3da6: If Zulkifli had apologised for it, it meant that he admit there was such an incident. If not, he would not have apologised. So where is the logic? The AG's explanation is illogical and stupid.

2 Cents: If PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) or AGC (Attorney-General's Chambers) don't know how to download videos, please get help from MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission).

There's a particular officer in MACC who is an expert in downloading videos - the man who was caught downloading pornographic videos at MACC premises the night Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated.

Lim Chong Leong: There is ample evidence in the form of videos. Go to YouTube and you will see the evidence.

How can the AG order the police to cease investigation due to lack of evidence? It doesn't make sense.

Anyway just watch the video. Zulkifli ridicules Hindus for idol worshipping. He calls them ‘patung' and says even the ‘patung' cannot help the Hindus from floods. In fact, the ‘patung' got flooded. I didn't say it, he did.

Anger: No evidence? Are they ignorant on how to use YouTube or they don't understand Zulkifli's speech in BM?

Dudeno: If you are lacking in evidence, wouldn't you order further investigation? Instead, it is classified as NFA (No Further Action).

In any case, if the police or AG cannot find the video on YouTube in which Zulkifli was clearly having a go at the Hindu faith, then our police's investigative ability must be very poor (which I do not think is the case).

It looks like a concerted effort both on the AG and PDRM part to avoid prosecuting Zulkifli. Damning if true.

Swipenter: The whole law enforcement system is infested with corrupt and immoral beings all ganged up to harass, oppress and mete out punishments unfairly and selectively to those opposed to Umno's way of (mis)managing the country.

This is to ensure their political and economic stranglehold over us and the country's wealth.

What the Hell Have You Done?: Lots of people voted against BN in GE13 because of the unfair policies adopted by the ruling coalition.

Many of us would readily vote for BN if they uphold fair play and minimise corruption, amongst others. It is as easy as that. You can even get back your two-thirds majority.

In the case of Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee (the Alvivi couple), although their actions were in very bad taste and ought to be condemned, they have not been found guilty yet.

To deny them bail while three alleged rapists (many people think that raping is a more serious offence) were granted bail, appeared to be unfair.

The almost immediate action to charge someone with sedition while no action was taken against Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin by the AG is also seen to be unfair.

Therefore, I appeal to the BN government to give us a chance to support you again. Very simple - just be fair!

Pahatian: The home minister warned NGOs against stirring up religious sentiments and that his ministry and the police are monitoring them closely. Really?

What about Zulkifli and Ibrahim? Aren't they from an NGO called Perkasa? Why aren't they haul up and be charged for sedition? It's all double standard.

Maybe it's because they are pro-Umno Baru and Muslims. That's why they are left off the hook.

Bravemalaysian: Insufficient evidence for Zulkifli's crime? Then I will say that there is also insufficient evidence for the Alvivi case. Really crooked people at the top, all acting for vested interest and giving partial justice, as and when it suits their agenda

CiViC: There will never be enough evidence to charge any Umno cronies. Period. Whereas those who as much as stepping on PM Najib Razak's photo and the lowering of flags bearing his image are treated as criminals.

Geronimo: All these religious frictions are caused by Umno Baru and its ilks, and yet they have the audacity to blame others for their 'loss' in the GE13. Watch out for GE14, you are going to lose even more. You can count on that.

Ksn: If there was lack of evidence, there was insufficient evidence to prosecute, why was the investigation papers sent to the AG in the first place, IGP?

I am under the impression that a case is submitted to the AG only on the assessment of PDRM that there is evidence for a charge.

Did you not ask therefore what further evidence he needs as the proof of Zulkifli's blasphemy against another religion was all over on YouTube?

Guna Otak Sikit: These people can say all these things with a straight face. Fancy that.

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