Explain source of RM377mil windfall, BN told

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DAY 10 KUALA BESUT Quotable quotes, planned events and unplanned incidents as they take place in the run-up to the by-election.

NONE 6:46pm: Idris Jusoh takes the opportunity before the buka puasa event to talk about the ‘Tourism Gateway Malaysia’ project after DPM Muhyiddin Yassin announced the RM250 million last night.

He said the project will create more job opportunities for Kuala Besut.

Among the projects are resorts, sailing clubs, a waterfront and shopping complexes.

“That’s the concept. We have time to plan and develop it,” he says adding his members need a year to do the necessary research on the proposal first.

6.10pm: Bernama reports that former Malacca exco Ab Karim Sulaiman's house was robbed while he is in Kuala Besut campaigning for BN in the by-election. He has reportedly suffered a RM5,000 loss in the early morning break in.

4:35 pm: Home Minister Zahid Hamidi ridicules the opposition over the issue raised of several development projects for Kuala Besut dished out during the campaign period.

NONE “Yes, sure, all the projects in the country are because PAS has requested, DAP requested, PKR requested.

“That’s why the BN government is really kind. Because of all the opposition’s requests, that’s why we have carried out all the projects in Malaysia.

:That’s why BN doesn’t have any plans except for when it’s their views. Only they are the ones who are smart, it seems.

“But BN is the one who has high regard for the needs of the rakyat. Regardless of where the needs come from, whether the grassroots, or the government officials, as long as it’s for the rakyat, this is what BN will fulfil,” he says.

4:20pm: Zahid Hamidi says he will be defending his position as Umno vice president in the upcoming party AGM, following Shafie Apdal’s footsteps.

“I have decided my stand. I will defend my post,” he says at a press conference at the PDRM tactical centre in Kuala Besut.

When asked if he had bigger plans, Zahid says, “Not at all. We have abandoned ourselves to moving up and moving down,” adding he is open to face any contenders in the race.

12:30pm: PAS election director Hatta Ramli questions the source of funds for the BN to promise a total of RM377 million in allocations for the development of the Kuala Besut constituency, announced during the by-election campaign.

pas pc kuala besut 210713 left hatta ramli and zulkefli “Is this from the federal budget, or from any special fund or from the Terengganu oil royalties?” he asks.

Hatta ( right in photo ) said he was unsure if this is the highest ever amount promised in a by-election.

“It is clear they will not respond to our attacks, but rather they respond (in giving out allocations) to the rakyat.

“That is why we want a 16:16 result (in the state seats) so that they can no longer do as they wish,” he says during a press conference.

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