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Like EC, the ROS behaving like a BN minion

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YOURSAY 'What is it to ROS director Abdul Rahman Othman, a civil servant, whether or not any DAP member wants to break away or form a new party?'

Show proof members want new party, DAP tells ROS

your say Aries46: Registrar of Societies (ROS) director Abdul Rahman Othman's outburst against DAP sounds more like one of those BN-friendly political frogs who earn their keep by periodically badmouthing the opposition parties.

What is it to Abdul Rahman, a civil servant, whether or not any DAP member wants to break away or form a new party? What concern is it of his? Even if he has received such an application is this the way of dealing with it?

What about the controversial central committee (CEC) elections under investigation? Why is Abdul Rahman sitting on it and dragging his feet? How long does it take and what is he waiting for?

Is it some kind of a sword of Damocles on DAP and its members? Abdul Rahman's conduct as a senior civil servant is rather perplexing, not to mention unbecoming.

SRMan: What is happening to the ROS chief? He is speaking like a BN politician. Why would the DAP members want to harbour hopes of forming a new party, especially when DAP has the best ever GE performance?

In the recent GE, they retained Penang and many seats by an even stronger mandate. Abdul Rahman, please say something more sensible.

Wira: These are Umno spinners. DAP had the biggest win ever in partnership with Pakatan Rakyat and we have a top imbecile from ROS suggesting that the members and leaders want a new party.

If anyone wants a new party, it's MCA members with their 'flaccid' party.

Shah54: Abdul Rahman is talking nonsense as the director of the ROS. Who said that the party members want to set up a new party. He must now explain who gave him such information. He is putting the cart before the horse, and not using his brains.

What4: The CEC election error was a technical glitch. Anything such as forming a new party or reholding the party election must be decided by the party members themselves, according to their constitution. Rahman has no business here.

Msian: All civil servants, including those in ROS, should act professionally. You owe your living to the public (including the 51 percent who voted for the opposition), and not to any political masters. Act according to your conscience and in godly behaviour.

Yap CS: In Bolehland, crooks are revered and honest principled men are slandered, persecuted and jailed. DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng himself has once gone to prison for speaking the truth, while the alleged rapist in that case walked free to carry out more evil deeds.

Siang Malam: Abdul Rahman is the type who has no hesitation slandering others during the holy month of Ramadan, as long as he gets what he wants. He has no fear of God. Good for him in the hereafter, and a good example to his own children and grandchildren...

Senior: To quote Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, a "professionalism prostitute" who will do any bidding from the godfather.

Argonist: Of course, this is a typical attitude of all Umno-leaning civil servants. I applaud the decision of Lim to sue the ROS for making irresponsible statements and comments instead of doing an honest job with the proper integrity expected of civil servants.

Do they think DAP will go like former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's Umno Baru that sprang up when Umno was declared illegal? DAP can do better because they have leaders of integrity.

Parameswara : Utusan Malaysia and other mainstream media have been proven many times in the courts that they lie.

The latest report in The Star can be yet another lie. It is best for DAP to reach out to the ROS director directly and in private, if the report in The Star quoted him correctly.

Give him time to study the report and ask him to respond within a reasonable time. If he does not respond, then go public on how you have handled the matter - but keep your members updated as well.

This is another way of addressing the matter. The suing, if it is done after you follow the above, will also make the courts ask why the ROS did not reply when given a chance and that can work against the ROS as well as The Star .

The moral of the story - never miss a single step.

ZZZ: What troubles me is this: can ROS refuse to register a political party? What gives them the right not to? Isn't this tantamount to violation of freedom to political association?

Anticonmen: Don't bother rebutting the malicious accusations of these imbeciles, Lim. DAP has not done anything wrong.

It is only these clowns who cheat, steal and defraud the rakyat who are the ones who should be destroyed.

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