Politically, Soi Lek less a dragon than a chicken

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YOURSAY 'If the MCA chief is truly a master politician and a brilliant strategist, how is it that MCA was again routed in GE13?'

The president's last tango?

your say Vijay47: It cannot be doubted that in rising from the ashes of defeat, MCA president Chua Soi Lek reflects the attributes of another Chinese creature, the phoenix, which I believe was also known for being a pretty face.

Equally indisputable must be Chua's prowess, both in controlling his position as lord of MCA and in other fields where skill is called for. But I fail to find reason for celebration or admiration over these abilities.

Is he in MCA just to slay his enemies? Who then is his enemy, another Chinese? If fight he must, wouldn't it be in a campaign for the benefit of the Chinese seemingly under his care, to give them a fairer deal and a better place under the Malaysian sun?

Just as importantly, the MCA head would be expected to engage tyrants and dictators before they raze the land, rather than relishing the flattery of being compared to ancient generals like Wu Qi or Sun Bin.

Considering his success in defending and protecting Chinese interests, Chua resembles less the dragon than the chicken.

Swipenter: The tai kor (godfather) of MCA can slaughter all his internal enemies, but becomes chicken when facing Umno. Is that any good? No wonder the Chinese community has become disillusioned with MCA. The leader of MCA is there to look after the interests of the Chinese community and the country at large, not to kill off all your dissenters in MCA.

Toonarmy: If Chua is truly a master politician and a brilliant strategist, how is it that MCA was again routed in GE13? Wasn't it his brilliant strategic mind that came up with the same old and tired 'a vote for DAP is a vote for PAS' tactic, a rehash from previous campaigns?

If he is so brilliant, why did the MCA plunge further down the abyss under his leadership? At the end of the day, history will judge him as the leader who had led MCA to a crushing defeat at GE13.


Green Mutant: I am not an MCA supporter but I admire Chua. How many people would admit their mistakes, take responsibility by resigning, ask for forgiveness and then bounce back? Unfortunately MCA is a sinking ship no matter who helms it.

Bahat: At least Chua Soi Lek still has a better image as compared to former president Tan Koon Swan, a pan-national convict. One thing is for sure - MCA men do not have the word shame in their dictionary. So Malaysians should throw them out in GE14.

Labis Guy: The so-called loyalist to Chua Soi Lek quoted in the article should look at the MCA of today and compare it to the MCA of yesteryears, then only you should make your comments. Don't open your gap for the sake of talking. The Chinese in general cannot and will not accept such a man to lead their community.

If you love MCA then tell your Chua to step down gracefully and perhaps MCA can be saved.


Cala: Is Chua a resilient leader? Has Chua overrated himself? Is he the kampong champion having won battles but has lost the war? Has he any vision to begin with?

After reading RK Anand's narrative on Chua, I am beginning to doubt all the good comments about him. For any true disciple of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War would not claim early victory of a war before achieving it.

So where does Chua err? If you ask me, Chua has been lucky that his opponent within the party (former president Ong Tee Keat) is too weak by average standards (he has a low IQ, individualistic, and self-centred).

Had he a stronger opponent for the party presidency at the time, his coming back after the sack would not have been that easy. But is he a resilient leader? Partly he is. But what about the party's future within the Umno-led BN regime, which is the real war if MCA is to stay relevant?

On this key issue Chua appears clueless. If that is the case, there is no future for MCA. From now on, MCA is a yesterday’s political party that has been dumped into the dustbins of history.

What good can Chua bring for the future generations of Malaysians? At the rate things are going, Chua is another ‘me too’, individualistic, and self-consumed politician. Comparatively, I respect Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga a hundred times more for her lofty vision for Malaysians, even though she is not the leader of any political party.

In the meantime, the only slot left for MCA is not in the arena of politics, but in the arena of business. As long as Malaysia embraces capitalism and the so-called free market, MCA can continue as a business entity having amassed through cronyism a large business empire (the Star, 988 Radio, etc).

It is a sheer waste of time for MCA to talk politics when the people you represent have deserted you.

How can a leader function when there are no followers? Worse, MCA is synonymous with immorality as judged by the number of its leaders charged for criminal offences (for example Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy over the Port Klang Free Zone scandal). So do not kid yourself.


Onyourtoes: Chua knows his enemies, he is a strategist, a survivor, and has excellent relationship with the grassroots, but how come MCA under his lead has lost almost everything? That is the trouble; politicians and even we the rakyat now think politics is just a game of plotting and scheming to see who is more resilient and clever.

No wonder most political parties in the country are in shambles riddled with leaders who are half-baked and corrupt, the cocktail for disaster.

Before you politicians think we can’t criticise you because most of us are of same moral standard as you, please bear in mind that it is your choice to be leaders, not ours. Leadership has its privileges but also responsibility.

Leaders must carry a higher level of standard to lead and to set an example for others. Can’t you see this is a timeless principle?


Opah: "Kill his enemies ... throw them into the well" - is this how MCA leaders talk about their fellow members? No wonder MCA has become a mosquito party, on its way to obscurity.

Donkey Kong: What do we have here, but eunuchs fighting for crumbs in the last days of the Ching Dynasty ...  and talking about 'testicles'.   

AnakPinang: The 'kings' battle for the throne while the country goes up in flames. Looks like all of BN is going through the mad season.

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