Will the real Ku Chin Wah please stand up?

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VOXPOP ‘Their looks are similar... one a policeman, the other a suspect. We can't judge a book by its cover.'

Police identify Najadi's killer, closing in on murder motive

vox populi small thumbnail Onyourtoes: Go and arrest the suspect Kong Swee Kwan first. If the police know who he is, I am sure they will know the motive for the killing once the culprit is arrested, unless it is like the death of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu again - murder without motive.

Wira: Find out the motive and you will find the murderer, unless that Kong guy is a Mongolian beauty. Remember, the police duty is to investigate. Don't be the prosecutor, judge and executor.

Milky Way: Their looks are similar... one a policeman the other a suspect. We can't judge a book by its cover.

Botak Chin: That looks like KL CID chief Ku Chin Wah. Twin brothers separated at birth? One becomes a criminal and the other a top cop! Bollywood movie made in Malaysia!

Mohamad Abdul Malik: Will the real Ku Chin Wah stand up?

Whatsup: Motive for the murder? Wait a minute. I thought motive for murder is not necessary at all, as a learned judge had said a while back?

Bystander: The person in the picture looks like the one who is holding it, albeit in his younger days.

Mamadias: Hunt them down dead or alive and we all must declare war against these criminals that are threatening our once peaceful nation. The rakyat will support the police force if they continue their good work and start eliminating hardcore criminals from our society. For me, if they kill or harm our peace, there is no mercy. Period.

Kolopilah: Very efficient. But I thought everything will have to be investigated, all possible motives and suspects ascertained, apprehended, remanded and charged in court.

Why all of a sudden is his picture being pasted all over without the suspect even being caught? Is this the normal standard operating procedure? If not, then why the press conference?

Fsc: Is he an ex-Emergency Ordinance detainee?

Jakim: Punish Maznah to teach a lesson

Paul Warren: I find what Islamic Affairs Development Department's (Jakim) director-general Othman Mustapha says here is insulting to God-given intelligence and common sense. I find him uncouth and irresponsible, as well as totally lacking of knowledge and understanding.

Compassion, which is an attribute of God's that he too ought to have, is totally absent. So of what good is it that he proffers his invocations that are supposedly for the benefit of God?

1Citizen: To teach what lesson? Not to insult Islam and create religious disharmony? Why is Jakim so trigger happy and intolerant? Who is putting Islam in bad light and creating division, instead of unity, peace and harmony?

If showing kindness to dogs is really haram, I would like to know where it is stated in the Holy Quran. I am confused. I suppose abusing the public Treasury is not as serious as what this girl has done.

The hypocrisy is that if it was not on YouTube , it would be okay. God, Who is the best judge, knows all, with or without YouTube . I am more concerned about sins done privately than publicly.

Quigonbond: Jakim's position is nauseating. The only lessons people will learn are this is the only country in the world where the religious opinions of the ulama are treated as having force of law, that Islam is not a moderate religion, and we're really an intolerant, poor example of a purportedly modern society.

Fair Play: If it is a criminal offence, the police should initiate the prosecution. If it is a religious offence, Jakim should take over. Whichever way, the world communities, including the Muslim community, will be watching closely.

Milky Way: They have nothing better to work on? Why is it always linked to the negative? Why can't Jakim view this lady as a kind-hearted Muslim?

Hold AWAM Accountable: I hope the government realises that it has to tread very carefully here. The world is watching closely. The millions already spent to pitch Malaysia as a moderate Muslim country will go down the tubes if Othman has his way.

Lie2me: Many Muslims are ignorant about the Islamic teachings. Jakim is responsible for not doing anything about this. The problem is, like any other government body, how do we, the people, punish these authorities?

Pemerhati Bebas: I'm really sick of all these so-called defenders of Islam coming out with all sorts of rulings. They make the Muslims look stupid and weak. Pray tell where in the Quran it says keeping a dog is prohibited?

Othman should read the Quran himself (again). Should that be too much to ask, perhaps I could be allowed to highlight to Othman to just read one surah, ie. Surah Al-Kahf (The Cave) and in particular, Verse 18. What do you make of that Othman?

Heavenly King: Some people are cruel and do not hesitate to bully a helpless woman. Is cruelty bred from upbringing or religious teaching?

Asitis: Jakim said punishing Maznah Yusof would deter others from insulting Islam again. The problem is, who decides what constitutes an insult to Islam and what does not?

And Jakim isn't very consistent when it comes to this. Love for animals and beauty pageants , which to the entire world are considered acceptable, are construed as an insult by Jakim.

But corruption and being involved in businesses dealing with gambling and alcoholic drinks, which, to the religious-minded at least, would be deemed unacceptable, seems to be condoned by Jakim through its deafening silence.

The people in Jakim seem to be living in a totally different world, separate from the rest of humanity, a world where their moral values are totally different from the normal people of our world.

Abasir: The Quran, the divine book of Islam, does not condemn dogs as impure or evil. In addition, a large number of early reports, probably reflecting historical practice, contradict the dog-hostile traditions.

For instance, several reports indicate that the Prophet Muhammad's young cousins, and some of their companions, owned puppies. Other reports indicate that the Prophet prayed while a dog played in the vicinity.

In addition, there is considerable historical evidence that dogs roamed freely in Medina and even entered the Prophet's mosque. A particularly interesting tradition attributed to the Prophet asserted that a prostitute, and in some versions, a sinning man, secured their places in Heaven by saving the life of a dog dying of thirst in the desert.

Jurists also argued that the purity of dogs turn on their domesticity - domestic dogs are considered pure because human beings feed and clean them.

Anonymous #19098644: Jakim closes an eye against corruption and abuse of powers, which are wrong in the teachings of Islam. Yet when something small like a Muslim woman showing affection and compassion for an animal, this body wants to punish her. This shows Jakim's lack of Islamic understanding, its political inclinations and its bigotry.

Anonymous_4196: 'Punish to teach a lesson' or 'correct by imparting knowledge'? In dog trainer Maznah Yusof's case, it should be the latter. If God takes the same stance as Jakim, all of us would have been struck by lightning a long time ago.

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