Genuine religious insults, or another political tool?

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VOXPOP “This latest case is an obvious, yet another attempt to blame a certain community using another sick and dangerous method copied from that stupid couple Alvivi’s antics.”

Cops probing another 'religious insult' on Facebook

vox populi small thumbnail Sinner: Such incidents (as the insulting Facebook posting on Stulang DAP assemblyperson Andrew Chen’s assistant) are the works of pranks and even saboteurs and do not "prove that the younger generations are unclear on the concept of racial and religious sensitivities" as alleged by MCA chief Chua Soi Lek, just as his own hotel frolic does not prove that Malaysian husbands do not understand the virtue of matrimonial fidelity.

Anonymous #708871335:

There are many such insults which are never traced and the culprits never brought to book even though the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has all the means to trace the postings.

What we will notice now are not attempts to trace the culprit but attempts to fan the fires of anger to the maximum possible. We are going to see numerous police reports and protests by organisations and furious responses by various notable personalities who are going to be interviewed on TV and the mainstream press, yet the culprit will not be caught.

Why? My theory is that the actions are done by someone who is out to create discord among the races for the benefit of certain parties.

Like what former Aliran chief Chandra Muzaffar suggested once in a New Straits Times letter, the police should investigate along the lines of who stands to benefit most when fires are fanned and anger and animosity is established between races.

Only sometimes like sex bloggers Alvivi’s case it is a genuine insult case, other times it is people deliberately out to cause pandemonium in the nation.

Whatsup: Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin (may feel shameful that ‘such incidents were still occurring to threaten the country’s peace and harmony’), but the same goes for Umno.

Since independence, it has gotten worse and worse in every aspect, and the rakyat have to bear with all the sandiwara and atrocities.

This latest case is an obvious, and yet another attempt to blame a certain community using another sick and dangerous method copied from that stupid couple Alvivi’s antics.

Those who benefit from this latest case are so glaringly obvious and only fools can't see who are responsible.

For them to do such filth during this holy month is unforgivable and should be severely punished, but then again, they won't be caught, but instead the innocent and maligned will be arrested and charged. Heaven, save us.

R1: And after the previous misstep involving the dog trainer, our politicians are still firing salvoes over an unsubstantiated attack.

Yet another shooting incident in Penang

Anonymous #708871335: As an ordinary member of the public, I am so happy to hear that so many criminals are being shot dead. All the vermin shot dead have criminal records. Some people are even saying the authorities may be behind the deaths of these guys.

Who cares who is responsible for their deaths? What is important is that the guys being shot dead are all criminal elements and the scourge of society, it is the path they chose and it is the price they pay.

So many innocent members of the public like (Arab Malaysian Bank founder Hussain Ahmad) Najadi, etc have lost their lives as victims of crime, it is time that criminals pay with their own lives.

Nobody cries when a crime victim dies or is maimed for life like the gynaecologist (Dr Delaila Ahmad, who was robbed and attacked recently), so why should I give a damn when these vicious gangsters die. Whoever is doing the shooting is actually doing a good job, I don’t care who does it, I don’t love gangsters.

Chiew Eng Ng: Could all these daily shootings be just a show, so that the police can have an excuse that because there is no Emergency Ordinance (EO), the police can’t do anything to protect the society?

Come on man. As the police you have to earn your keep because you have the numbers and power to enforce laws, unless all these shootings are carried by a special squad of hired killers?

SenyumUnta: From petty thieves to snatch thieves, we are now fast becoming a Wild Wild West Malaysia with illegal gunslingers roaming our streets.

Soon we may become a land of cowboys. Just wondering what the legal marshall and sheriff are doing? Maybe schools and universities should have 'shooting lessons' instead of civilization studies.

Louis: Very soon old scores have to be settled by gunfights. This brings us back to the Wild West, albeit Malaysian style. Whoever has the fastest draw will be the winner. It’s a scary situation. Very soon parents will be sending their children to shooting range for pistol or gun shooting lessons instead of piano or violin tuition.


Anonymous #708871335: The prosecution and police should seek to obtain more harsh procedures for vicious criminals. The sex blogger couple Alvivi was almost denied bail and later allowed bail for RM30,000.

That is fine, but two vicious brutes who chopped off the thumb of the gynaecologist even when she offered no protest were given a bail far smaller than Alvivi.

Prosecutors should act to get their priorities right. The dangerous thumb choppers are now happily free on bail. The law should be changed so that those animals are denied bail. The prosecutor should have charged them with attempted murder.

Worried CM offers state resources to combat crime

Multi Racial: I like what Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is doing. Instead of blaming someone, he met the Penang police chief and looked for solutions. He even offers the Penang government’s resources with the intention to help the police.

Bravo, and I wish the rest of the states would do the same. Maybe using the religious authorities like Jais and Jakim’s resources may help too.

Instead of catching people for minor religious offences, these two organisation should deploy their resources to help the police to fight crime. When things are better they can return to their normal duties.

CiViC: Compared Lim’s response to Prime Minister Najib Razak's response, "The police have been instructed to do whatever it takes to eradicate this serious crime." It just shows who is more competent in running a government.

Rojak: While adding to the growing commentary about manpower shortages, Lim seems prepared to actually do something about it by, for example, using government staff to help law enforcement where they might free up cops for patrolling.

Yes, the police-citizen ratio here of 370 per 100,000 (which is considerably lower than Singapore) is better than the UN median of 300, and better than Thailand or Indonesia, and much better than low-crime Korea and Japan or the UN recommended minimum.

But perhaps the main focus should be on training, attitude and deployment rather than numbers. If we look at cases where crime has been reduced, the zero-tolerance policies pioneered in the US may also be worth considering.

Bribery, running red lights, illegal parking, dumping trash etc. may not seem too bad in comparison with shootings and snatch-thefts, but they are symptomatic of a society that just does not care about law, order, fairness or consideration for fellow citizens any more, and all of that can be conducive to crime.

Annon77: New York City had a crime problem for years. Malaysia needs to follow their lead with a zero tolerance on crime. This stopped the rot and turned the whole thing around. When people feel that there is a consequence for breaking the law, even with minor crimes, then they think twice about breaking the law.

Unfortunately this requires a proper professional police force, which the PDRM is clearly not.

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