It takes guts to swim against the tide

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YOURSAY 'Dyana vindicates my conviction that we shouldn't rubbish all Malays and make them scapegoats for the sins of Umno.'

Born to an Umno family, but now a DAP rising star

your say Hang Tuah PJ: Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang's political secretary Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, you are not the only DAP member from the UITM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) fraternity.

Both my daughters who are also from UITM voted for Rafizi Ramli in the last election, not because he is a Malay but because of his capability and the ‘incapability' (is there such a word) of the MCA candidate.

I can see the younger generation in Pandan is looking for capabilities and less at skin colour and that is the way to go.

Indeed, I spoke to many young voters during the last GE (don't know why the younger voters were separated from the older voters) and their queue was exceptionally long and voting process very slow.

Anyway, I seem to have digressed. Best of luck to you.

CHKS: Sometimes I just wonder whether there is any more hope and future to stay in Malaysia, not so much for myself with my career established, but for my children.

With people like Dyana, LGE (Lim Guan Eng) and Tian Chua willing to cross the racial line... maybe there is.

Whatsup: All is not lost, this is yet another fine example of everything good from the Malay community uncontaminated by Umno, which even betrayed their own easily-trusting community just so that they can continue their crimes against the rakyat, country and royalties, and nothing else.

For those who can't, or won't, see it or those we intentionally become part of it for their own selfish gain, perhaps one day before it's too late for them, they find their conscience and do something right for a change.

Zulkefli Ibrahim: Dyana is not a ‘pengkhianat' but a misguided soul who needs rehabilitation.

Dyana needs to see the big picture of Malaysia and Malay. She fails in this. She has been turned over by DAP and is see things from a non-Malay perspective... which is highly racist.

YouAreNotAlone: Zulkefli Ibrahim, ask yourself, what did Umno do for the Malays, let alone the other races, after 56 years of domination in a country which is rich in natural resources.

In theory, all the Malays here should at least be richer than the average Chinese or Indians and other minority races. Malaysia's currency 30 years ago is at the same level as the Singaporean dollar and should be almost the same today if Umno has done a good job in administering the country.

But in reality, more than 80 percent of the Malays are still poor or of average income. Why is this so? After 56 years of hard work and still there is no fruits of labour seen? It is because Umno only takes care of their own cronies. Those poor Malays are just their tools for clinging onto power.

They are deprived of better education and opportunities, they are fated to be farmers and fishermen for many generations to come. Who made them this way? You have to thank Umno for that.

Anonymous #58458950: It takes guts to swim against the tide. Let's hope the new generation of Malaysians can think clearly and do the right thing. Well done, Dyana. Racial divide should not prevail.

YF: Dyana, it's not DAP that the rakyat is fighting for but how to live and breathe like a Malaysian again. Thank you for doing your part in making Malaysia a better place for all of us to live in.

Enough damage has been done by those irresponsible people from BN who use racism and lies to divide this nation.

James1067: Thank God for people like Dyana, Zairil Khir Johari, Nurul Izzah, Zaid Ibrahim and many more Malays who think in this manner. There is hope for this nation after all.

We are the older generation who experienced the good old times when we look beyond race and religion. So we hope and pray that there is a generation that will carry on the vision and dream of our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman - a united Malaysia.

Durio Zibethinus: Dyana vindicates my conviction that we shouldn't rubbish all Malays and make them scapegoats for the sins of Umno.

Swipenter: Maybe Umno big shot politicians should have Chinese political secretaries? As a Malaysian, I don't care who serves us best but Umno is the only political party that actively demonises everyone who is not pro-Umno. I sincerely hope to see more young Malays and Indians leading DAP.

CQ Muar: Dyana is a model Malay with a heart, and an example of a true Malaysian. With a crop like Dyana and Zairil, we hope more such Malays will come forward to lead the nation to a brighter future for all, regardless of race or religion.

Such a dedicated and selfless politician will surely pave the way forward for a nation of undivided loyalty and patriotism. Way to go, Dyana - keep the spirit high and go according to your conscience for all Malaysians, be they non-Malays or Malays.

Onyourtoes: Dyana, I do not mean to put you in negative light at all. It is better for you to do more and talk less right now. This is my usual and routine comment for all young upstarts.

My religion taught me not to judge; that means not to judge people negatively but also not to put people on their pedestal too quickly for that is judgement too.

I would very much prefer politicians showing their true character through the deeds they do over time. Former DAP vice-president Tunku Aziz Ibrahim's writings in Lim Kit Siang's blog also jolted me to tears. But see what happened?

Ferdtan: If there are many young Dyanas there joining a party to make it a multiracial one - this will give a new meaning to the slogan of 1Malaysia that Umno should be talking about.

Forget the past, this country belongs to young Malaysians; and if there are no changes in mentality of the youths in regard to racial politics, then Malaysia is lost.

Moontime: Now this is the way it should be for Malaysian politics. Congratulations Dyana for being being a true Malaysian. You have succeeded in setting your sights far beyond the race-based politics and ventured into unfamiliar territory of politics based on need, universal values and common sense.

We really need more people like you to dispel the myth perpetrated by Umno that DAP is anti-Malay.

No doubt, Umno will continue to hurl allegations and slander against you but I believe you can be a symbol of a brighter future for Malaysia, where politics based on trust, integrity, honesty and need is the norm rather than the exception.

BTN: This new generation of Malays who think and fight for equal opportunity for all Malaysians is indeed what 1Malaysia is about.

1Malaysia was coined by Najib but it was fought by the opposition.

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