All fingers point at former strongman

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YOURSAY 'Since when can anyone stop Mahathir from doing anything that Mahathir wants to do when Mahathir was in office?'

Dr M: Why didn't Anwar stop 'Project IC'?

your say Geronimo: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has committed high treason and he knows it. Now he is trying to wriggle his way out of the mess he has put the whole country in.

Even of late, the Suluk militants announced that they would be sending another force to invade Sabah, this time it will be a bigger one with 4,000 heavily armed men.

They even mentioned that many of their men are already in Sabah operating in cells and just waiting for the signal to act. How did they get in, but as illegal immigrants given the MyKad to move freely around the state.

We are going to reap what we sowed and all fingers are pointing at Mahathir. Then DPM Anwar Ibrahim could not have acted as this was the brainchild of Mahathir and it was not conceivable for Anwar to take on Mahathir at that time.

Mahathir did not trust Anwar as otherwise the latter would have been roped in to manage Project M.

Tholu: Mahathir, your linking of Anwar in 'Project IC' clearly betrays your claim of ignorance in the project. What is your intention of dragging Anwar into your unconvincing and unbelievable denial of any involvement in the project?

If someone is accused of a committing a crime and is queried as to whether or not he did it, he simply has to say, "No, I didn't do it." He won't say, "Why don't you ask my brother for his silence on the crime I had been accused of?"

This simply could only mean one thing - that that someone did indeed commit the crime but is peeved that no one is linking his rival brother with the crime. Mahathir, your senility is beginning to show.

Tehachapi: This man is the curse of the nation. He knew that he had succeeded in openly planting a ticking time-bomb which one day will explode and destroy the whole country, but does he care?

Now, when questioned in open court by the RCI (royal commission of inquiry), he has the audacity to deny any knowledge or involvement in such a grave matter. Instead, he attempted to shift blame to overzealous officials . What a cruel joke.

Without any sense of responsibility and guilt, he continued to lie under oath. But in his heart, he knows that he remains condemned by his own guilty conscience for his failure to protect the people of Sabah.

He had betrayed their trust and failed them as prime minister. History will certainly judge him harshly as a PM blinded by his own quest for power at the price of sacrificing the whole nation.

Contrary to past accolades, Mahathir was really a traitor. And it is the law of the land that a traitor who has commit treason must be hung.

Cala: The manner Mahathir questioned Tunku Abdul Rahman's action in granting citizenship to 1,000,000 Chinese speaks volumes of his thinking and preference, which is in sharp contrast to his utterances.

In addition, as the PM for over two decades, there had been many occasions Sabahan politicians have raised about the influx of illegal voters. What did Mahathir do to expunge the names of these illegal immigrants from the registry? Nothing.

No doubt Mahathir is the master spinner of our time, a man devoid of any morality.

James_3392: Project IC was under Home Ministry, Mahathir was the home minister and prime minister, Anwar was then finance minister and DPM.

Would Anwar go into Mahathir's turf and stop his Project IC? He probably has to pay for it with his life.

Remember as finance minister, he tried to stop using state-owned MISC (Malaysia International Shipping Corporation) to rescue Mirzan Mahathir's Konsortium Perkapalan, he was slammed with Sodomy 1 and he almost die in the police lock-up.

Pemerhati Bebas: Of course, there was no government policy. Not official government policy anyway. If it was, they would have done it in the PMO (Prime Minister's Office).

Instead it was done at the then PM's closest aide's (Aziz Shamsudin) house. We don't need to be a rocket scientist to link the dots.

Surely his aide wouldn't be doing something treasonous behind the PM's back, would he? And since when can anyone stop Mahathir from doing anything that Mahathir wants to do when Mahathir was in office?

Ruslan Bahari: If you said it didn't happen, then what was Anwar to stop? If it did happen, but Anwar was kept in the dark, what was he to do? If it was real and you told Anwar about it, what was he to do?

Toffeesturn: Anwar was not home minister, you were. So stop blaming others. You were the prime minister, the buck stops with you.

Clearwater: This is vintage Mahathir - deflect the blame on someone else, feign ignorance, act innocent, plead memory loss. It's never him who's at fault, but we know better.

Chandran Sukumaran: No doubt, Anwar was no saint himself. However, I am willing to believe that he has changed as no other leader has gone through the trials and tribulations that he had over the years.

Therefore, let us give him a chance to run the country - it cannot be worse than Umno Baru.

Again, Mahathir throws a red herring

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