Again, Mahathir throws a red herring

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YOURSAY 'The question whether Anwar knows, could have or would have stopped it, is moot. The fact is Project IC did happen under Mahathir's watch.'

Dr M: Why didn't Anwar stop 'Project IC'?

your say Broken Foot: We have not been disappointed. Right on cue, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad tries to pin the blame on his then deputy, Anwar Ibrahim.

The question whether Anwar knows, could have or would have stopped it, is moot. The facts have been established that the Project IC did happen under Mahathir's watch. Millions of unexplained immigrants are running with blue IC in Sabah.

Mahathir swore an oath to defend the constitution, king and country. Therefore it does not matter if his underlings did it. The responsibility rests on him and him alone.

It is disingenuous of him trying to blame others. A programme as big as this could not happen without his consent, given that he was the prime minister and home minister at the material time.

Mikey!: This man is amazing. A subordinate must stop his superior.

Anticonmen: Did Anwar try to challenge the aspirations of one man who wanted to become a closet dictator with a firm grip on the reins of power and the people's coffers by controlling all government institutions and using an entrenched elections-cheating machinery?

Yes, he did but Anwar paid a heavy price for his challenge.

Ferdtan: The statement from Mahathir is a red herring. Anwar was not the PM, nor was he the home minister during that period.

Mahathir is seeking to divert attention and shift the blame to another convenient adversary. We believe it was quite an open knowledge among all BN ministers (especially from Umno), including Anwar, that citizenship was freely given to Muslim foreigners.

Sabah then was a Christian-majority state; and thus the religious and ethnocentric changes had to be formulated to ensure Sabah remains with BN.

The scale of such scheme (giving thousands of illegal immigrants' citizenship) alone would have been known to some, if not all the top leaders from BN.

Who would dared to oppose when you have an authoritarian PM (who was also acted as home minister then) like Mahathir, with the draconian laws such as OSA (Official Secrets Act) and ISA (Internal Security Act) under his control?

Normally such illegal yet dangerous (due to the scale of the operation) action must be limited to a cabal under the control of the very top man, the PM himself.

The mere fact that his deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub and his then political secretary, Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin, were implicated shows Mahathir's hidden hand in the plot.

The act committed by this secret group must be logically confined to just a few trusted supporters - the reason is that if they were not careful, the act can be used by their adversaries in the party to politically blackmail them.

It was a well-thought plot. Many government officers, including grassroots Umno party workers, involved with the procedures of issuing ICs (identity cards) to foreigners were detained under ISA to deflect blame from the top leaders.

This is similar to the holocaust, the killing of six million Jews during the Second World War which was ordered by Hitler. Most of the German Nazi leaders knew about it but chose not to acknowledge and go against it.

Was it fear that resulted in our BN leaders, including the Christian leaders, failing to doing anything about it?

NoCorruption: It looks like Mahathir has started to remember because he remembers Anwar was with him in the cabinet.

Chee Hoe Siew: First he said it was legal as he was the prime minister at the time and he has the authority to grant citizenship to these people. Then he changed his mind and decided that he was in the dark.

Now he is trying to pin blame on his deputy of that time. Certainly it is everyone's fault except you, Mahathir.

How did Anwar ended up in jail, beaten up and put on trial for sodomy? It is simply because he decided not to listen to Mahathir whose intention was to use country's resources (money) to save his son's companies.

Now imagine that Anwar try to stop Project IC, I think he would have disappeared while on overseas trip.

Odin: Of course, Mahathir lied. We all know that. He was the mastermind of Project IC aka Project M.

That is the reason the need to determine the identity of the person behind the project has been excluded from the terms of reference drawn up by PM Najib Razak for the Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry).

Had it been included, this creature would be exposed and be liable to be sentenced to death by hanging, which is the penalty for high treason, and he would retaliate by exposing whatever serious offences Najib has committed.

Wira: If this was a clandestine operation happening in the Home Ministry of which the PM was the full minister with the deputy home minister reportedly the brainchild of this operation, who do you blame more? The PM or DPM?

Evil Girl: If Mahathir were still the PM of Malaysia, he would have sent everyone who posted negative comments about him in Malaysiakini to jail under ISA.

All fingers point at former strongman

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