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A hero or villain is one thing, forgiveness another
Published:  Sep 22, 2013 9:34 PM
Updated: Sep 23, 2013 1:27 PM

YOURSAY ‘He doesn’t deserve and cannot earn the coveted title of hero. However to forgive his sin is a different matter altogether.’

Ex-RMAF man: Chin Peng was Independence fighter

your say Zen: Chin Peng is a fighter no doubt. But in the end he chose the wrong path to fight his own country which was already an independent one, democratically chosen by its own people.

What he did is utterly wrong, morally, ethically and lawfully. He doesn’t deserve and cannot earn the coveted title of hero of his country. However,  to forgive his sin is a different matter altogether.

Shanandoah: Chin Peng now joins the ranks of people like Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir and so on, whose memories cannot be washed away by rewriting history.

His spirit, like that of Altantuya, will not rest until justice and fairness is shown to this true Malaysian who fought the Japanese and British, and laid to rest in his hometown of Sitiawan in Malaysia.

Geronimo: If the Malays were to be angry, they shouldn't take it out on Chin Peng. They should, instead, take it out on Mahathir Mohamad for initiating the Hatyai Peace Accord.

Chin Peng just went with the flow. Since this was Mahathir's initiative, shouldn’t he be saying something now?

The Malaysian representatives could not have signed the accord without the approval of Mahathir since it was done during his premiership.

As usual, when issues are against his interests, he will claim he is suffering from "an eclipse of memory".

James_3392: I remember years back when I was reading Chin Peng’s memoir, 'My Side of History'. I tried to encourage my daughter to read it as well.

But she just answered she was not interested in that old man’s story. But now when our government says that even his ashes can pose a security threat to us, well, then he must be some guy of extraordinary background and influence.

She is reading the book now! Thank you very much; Umno has made my girl interested in that old man.

SRMan: Whether Chin Peng stopped or continued to fight after Malaya had gained independence is another matter.

A peace accord was signed and should be honoured. Otherwise our nation's credibility rating would be regress to negative territory.

Would investors put their money in such a country which does not seem to know the meaning of honouring a pact?

Mohamad Abdul Malik: It's quite telling that there are no Malays speaking up for Chin Peng with the exception of former IGP Rahim Noor and a few opposition leaders.

The description of Chin Peng as "a great man", "an independence fighter", "serving his own country", etc, were mostly from non-Malays.

And some of them do not even know what they were talking about. To the Malays, he was just a terrorists bent on killing the soldiers and policemen who were mostly Malays.

Why blame BN then? Umno is only reacting to the feelings of about 60 percent of the population and MCA. The opposition is only reacting to the 25 percent Chinese population. The moment the Chin Peng issue was looked at from a racial viewpoint that's the end of him.

I too, would say that Chin Peng was an independence fighter if only, I repeat if only, he stopped fighting when Malaya gained independence. But he did not and continued with his struggle for communism.

Arbeena: What kind of role did Chin Peng play in shaping the map of South-East Asia?

He was just a leader of a political party with an army who had spent most of their time killing civilians.

He did fight against the Japanese and the British. But how many of those soldiers were killed by the CPM as compared to civilians (Malays mostly)?

Black Mamba: The Pakatan MPs comprising of DAP and PKR paying their last respects to Chin Peng represents a symbolic gesture of condolence on behalf of the 51 percent of Malaysian citizens who voted them in but could not attend the wake.

This man deserves respect from all Malaysians who value freedom from oppressive occupiers. He played a great role in Malayan Independence and his name can never be blotted out from Malaysian history whether we like it or not.

Hero or villain, it's for the individual to decide but he sure is an enigma looming large on Umno whose stupidity has made him an icon.

Damntlwbn: No wonder we scare the investors away. What kind of a message we sent out to the world? If the Umno government does not acknowledge a signed international treaty, what kind of a security is left for foreign investors?

Chandran Sukumaran: Not to worry. Chin Peng will be remembered every Sept 16, Malaysia Day. Don't be surprised if our government changes the date which they are capable of. As Rahim Noor, former IGP said; let our country be a laughing stock.

Ablastine: His ashes will still have a chance of coming back to Malaysia - when the Umno mafia is kicked out and Malaysia again has a sane and responsible government.

At the moment it is safer for it to be in Thailand where his role in the history of South-East Asia is appreciated.

Anonymous #23456263: The British left early because they could not fight a protracted guerrilla war with the communists.

On hindsight, his vision of setting up a communist nation is flawed. However he did not fight for personal gain, unlike many present day politicians.

Senior: Brain drain; capable people who leave because they feel the country is not what it should be. I treat him as part of this brain drain.

Louis: Prophets are not without honour except in their own country. Chin Peng that is what you are.

In life you fought so that others could be free and live peacefully, and in death, your fight continues, ironically for yourself. This time it’s for a small piece of land, hardly occupying a speck of the country, just for your well-deserved rest.

No use reasoning to those extremists and racists what you have contributed to the country. All they see is the colour of your skin and nothing else matters.

Just like prophets are not honoured in their own country, your heroic deeds too are not appreciated. It would be better that your ashes are buried in Thailand where you are honoured by royalty, generals, down to ordinary people.

Burying your ashes in Sitiawan will incur the wrath of the likes of Ibrahim Ali and your ashes might not find peace and would one day disappear into thin air.

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