So Najib has powers to overrule court decision

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YOURSAY 'With respect to Najib's position, you are not in a position to overrule, overturn or interpret the ruling made by the court.'

Najib says 'Allah' ruling only applies to The Herald

your say, YoursayKingfisher: Admittedly this is a court ruling. Nevertheless PM Najib Razak is perceived as a hypocrite pandering to religious and racial bigotry as a political expedient while he goes around proclaiming to the world that he is visionary leader with deep convictions on fundamental human rights.

This country has never been this divided along racial and religious line before his premiership.

Anonymous #85701391: The question is whom do we believe, the PM, home minister, Umno or its contractor Perkasa, controller ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the attorney-general or the court?

Why don't this PM order the AG to appeal for a clearer written judgment for whatever it is worth.

Continue-The-March: The funny thing is why are Muslims more prone to confusion. Why are they so worried about what others said or do? Or was it a political game played by some parties to keep them under their control and in fear?

I am a non-Muslim and living in a neighborhood with Muslims, with prayers calling out on radio, TV and live from the mosque every day.

I went to a Methodist school, attended chapel services every week during school days, praise the lord, say my prayer at the chapel, have friends who are Hindus, and I continue to be Buddhist. I never got confused not sensitive nor feel threatened by any other religions.

YUNoAnon: "With respect to the court ruling it only applies to The Herald paper, which has got wide circulation, and doesn't apply to the situation in samba and Sarawak".

With respect to your position, you are not in a position to overrule, overturn or interpret the ruling made by the court. As the court has said in their judgment, 'Allah' is not integral in the Christian faith. They did not specify "not integral in the Herald" but Christianity as a whole.

Furthermore, they did not say the judgment does not extend to East Malaysia. In conclusion, the ruling does apply to East Malaysia and it also applies to Christianity as a whole. Stop misleading.

The judgement is there for everyone to read word for word. Please quote a ruling, together with your source, where it says that the judgment applies to The Herald only and that court rulings can be made applicable only to either west or east Malaysia if the court sees fit.

Anonymous #44199885: Najib is a PM who does not deal with the details. It would seem that he as the PM is neither concerned to read in full the decision nor consider in full the decision of the Court of Appeal.

Malaysia has a very stable and harmonious society that is disrupted only by right-wing elements of Umno and its friends, which the PM has failed repeatedly to rein in.

It would not have come to this had it not been for the unwarranted decision of the then home Minister to ban the use of the word 'Allah'. We are becoming a regressive nation in the protection and promotion of human rights.

Lim Chong Leong: And who is to determine what is a predominantly Christian area? Was it not that The Herald was distributed within a predominantly Christian community in the first place when it got the ban?

What about the Indonesia-printed bible? Is that not banned in west Malaysia? That ban is hardly restricted to The Herald then is it not?

Kanasai: National stability is but a stupid excuse. In all society and circumstances, there are always some extremist that try to made their noise relevant and does all these noises be translated into national stability?

Stupidity knows no limits and this is one of them. He could have say that according to COA, this is my interpretation and let the court decide should Herald appeal. This guy lacks wisdom.

Cala: The real beneficiaries. To judge whether Najib has been sincere about his statement (that Allah verdict is not blanket decision), one has to look at the conditions of Malaysia's "extractive economic institutions" such as the inefficiently-run GLCs (government-linked companies), rent-seeking independent power plants (IPPs), money-sucking PKFZ, and direct-negotiated procurements, etc.

To do that, there exist "extractive political institutions" bent to protect the powers-that-be, such as unequal protection of law, 'shoot first, explain later' oxy-moronic reasoning of Zahid, tightly controlled MSM (mainstream media), elitist state, etc.

Put simply, Najib's sincerity is tested by a set of criteria, not by a single dimension. But we know who the ultimate beneficiaries of these "extractive political institutions" - the Third World ruling elites, all done at the expense of the masses. So the Allah issue is a divergent tactic.

CiViC: At this rate, they will need a new Act just to cover the word 'Allah'. Sabahans and Sarawakians can use it in Sabah and Sarawak but not in Peninsular, West Malaysian the other way, some papers can, some can't etc.

We never had there been so much trouble over one word, thanks to Umno's creativity. I wonder what dictionaries define the word Allah as, and if they need to republish accordingly. Best part is, the controversial word refers to 'God', it seems even 'God' is subjected to Umno's rule of law.

DevilsSlaughter: This ruling for Malays. That ruling is for the Chinese. Another ruling is for the Indians. One more ruling for the lain-lain. Finally another ruling for the foreigners.

Who's stupid? The 47 percent who voted BN!

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