Najib, it's discordant to say one thing and do another

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VOXPOP 'Why preach unity in diversity when the fabric of our society is being dissected and distorted beyond recognition?'

PM wants M'sians to embrace two fundamentals of harmony

voxpop, vox Ksn: Premier Najib Abdul Razak, how will the allocations to Tamil schools you listed elevate the bastardisation of the Indians since 1981 in the socio-economic fields? What they need is direction, skills after their displacement from the plantations to earn a living, education opportunities to equip themselves to be as competent as others.

What are your government's programmes to bring them to a level playing field with other communities? Implement them.

Stop talking about Tamil schools. Tamil education is a totally different issue - that concerns mother tongue education.

Will that in any way help them economically? What they need is social justice. That goes for other neglected groups as well, even Malays, although their situation is not as bad as the Indians.

Headhunter: Walk your talk, Mr Premier, or you are just spewing meaningless rhetoric.

Crazy analysis: The PM will eventually meet the biggest challenge - the inevitable economic meltdown of the country. The new 'tsunami of economic crash' might be just at the corner. If we do not tighten the belt now, we all will face more problems than just calling for people to be together. The dream of being a fully developed nation will then remain just that.

Fair Play: Now that the PM is firmly in the driver's seat and no longer distracted by issues that could have posed a challenge or threat to his leadership within his party, is he now ready to begin the national reconciliation process to heal the nation? Only time will tell.

Hearty Malaysian: Najib, syok sendiri (pleasing oneself again?) again? Can you continue to boast that throwing some bones to Indians equates fair treatment?

Some naive Indians believe you because the 1Malaysia handouts of RM500 are now increasing to RM1,000.

It is too often we see the arrogant Umnoputras tearing the society apart instead of accepting the rich heritage of various races in this country as an asset. They rule by fear and cheating, telling lies to keep themselves in power, to squander the national wealth in the name of preserving national harmony.

Hplooi: I will only start to believe him when justice and action is evenly applied to the rabid right-wing, starting with Utusan Malaysia .

Onyourtoes: How convenient; two fundamentals of harmony - work together in a strong bond of friendship and allowing richness of culture to flourish. Dear Premier Najib Abdul Razak, are you saying this because it was a Deepavali celebration?

I think you lack moral credibility to talk about what is right. If you want to do something beneficial for this country, it is better for you to correct the wrongs that are now so widespread and pervasive in our midst.

Why preach unity in diversity when the fabric of our society is being dissected and distorted beyond recognition?

I must say even your reconciliation efforts with the Indian community are tainted with doubts and suspicion. Are you doing it thinking that Indians are easier to manipulate and exploit?

Are you doing this to spite the Chinese and to make them feel insecure and regretful for voting against the BN?

So what if 30,000 people turned up for celebration and big makan ? Do you know what Umno-BN is really good at? Giving holidays, having big celebrations, giving free makan , organising free concerts, giving freebies, wearing batik with same designs, same T-shirts, same caps, and having motorcades and Mat Rempit motorbike convoys.

If any Indian is taken up with Najib's stand here, and believes in him and his government, then those Indians deserve what they get.

Dalvik: Do your homework, Najib. While asking Malaysians to embrace harmony, change lifestyle etc, check your own backyard. See the racist, incompetent, corrupt and insensitive ministers you have.

Pputeh: So Najib, if you really want to help the Indians, you should open up Amanah Saham Bumiputera for the Indians as well. After all, this unit trust has not been fully subscribed. There's no point in being selfish. After all, you are only opening up what is not taken up by bumiputeras.

Amalgam: But wasn't the PM the first to blame BN's reduced margin on the Chinese? What sort of harmony is he trying to foster?

SenyumUnta: He urged the Indian community to continue to strengthen the strong bond of understanding and cooperation between government and the community that was built over the years through 'nambikei' (trust). While he was preaching this, did anyone inform him that the demolition of the 101 years old temple in KL was about to start?

Hang Babeuf: This is just wilfully clueless drivel from Najib. Both shameless and shameful. He who would will the end, must will and embrace and devote himself consistently to their necessary means.

On that score, whatever his good intentions, on political insight and moral responsibility PM Najib does not even get a C-. Rather, he scores a definite and embarrassing F (that is, outright failure).

Anwar: PM's silence on AG's allegations deafening

Middle path: You scratch my back and I scratch your back. If the need to expose all this arises, so be it. AG Gani Patail, just remember, you are just like anyone else, it's a dog-eat-dog society and there are no permanent friends especially with your group of scoundrels.

All are there for their own benefit. Better for you to come clean and expose all. Let the rakyat be your judge as you try to redeem yourself.

Sgtdinoz: Why is former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad going after Gani Patail? Is he about to expose something?

Appum: The first thought that came into my mind when I read this article is that our PM is like the Three Monkeys, illustrating 'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' when evil is everywhere.

Hermit: A prime minister must not only be clean but must be seen to be clean. In almost all civilised countries, if a prime minister is alleged to be involved in any scandal, he or she is dutifully bound to say, "I quit for good." Otherwise, we have a 'crime minister' or a compromised prime minister.

Swipenter: Silence seems to be the best/only form of defence for our PM on so many issues confronting the nation. Typical of an ostrich burying its head under the sand hoping the problem will resolve by itself or go away. Really not prime minister material.

Anonymous #65253729: I'll run naked if Najib dares to take action against AG Gani Patail.

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