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'Selangorians willing to pay for honest gov't'

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YOURSAY ‘We would rather pay our elected rep well to do a good job than to have millions stolen by Umno.'

Huge pay hike coming up for Selangor MB, elected reps

your say, Yoursay Headhunter: If the state is well-managed and free of corruption like Selangor, the increase in pay for the elected representatives is perfectly acceptable.

This is unlike BN where the salaries are considered loose change because their main income is from corruption.

It would be a nice gesture though if they all agree to donate 10 percent of their paycheck to fund special needs' projects, not necessarily in Selangor itself.

Well Thats Fantastic: They can run the state with surplus budgets year after year even though the federal government work against them at every turn. They deserve this and more. Perhaps better wages might attract better people to the job as well (I'm talking to BN here).

ApaJadi: They deserve it. We would rather pay our elected rep well to do a good job than to have millions stolen by Umno.

LynMy: I always believe that Singapore has the right strategies - pay their leaders very well, and then be relentless in expecting efficiency and combating corruption.

Not only do they attract the best people in their industry, they are able to keep their corruption level to a minimum. If Selangor could replicate that, then it is worth every sen paid to the leaders.

Really, how could we justify a menteri besar's salary at RM14,000 a month? A mid-level computer programmer in the private sector earns that amount.

The public want to see savings in the long run, pay the leaders well, and hold them accountable to the highest standard of quality and integrity.

Dark Archon: They deserve it for the work done well, despite the federal government going all out to undo the state government's efforts. Seriously, the MB used to be from the corporate world and his pay was way higher than this.

Blackmoon: Kalau Pakatan Rakyat buat apa-apa pun, semua di sini sokong. Typical "lembu" being led by strings attached to their noses.

Appum: Blackmoon, don't you have to pay more for quality goods?

ONG: RM20,250 a month for exco members is nothing to shout about. I know many people with insignificant (insignificant compared with state exco) jobs earning RM10,000-RM15,000 a month.

All these years, the salaries (including ministers') were kept low under BN because their official remunerations were only a tiny fraction of their total income.

Of course, Blackmoon cannot understand the difference between official and unofficial incomes.

Longjaafar: Actually Blackmoon does not disagree. He (or she?) grudgingly has to agree that these guys are running the state well. That cannot be denied, because the whole world can see and compare with the past.

Happy Malaysian: Longjaafar, like all Pakatan supporters you all need Umno-BN supporters to agree to everything. Well, it looks like it pays to be a state assemblyperson in Selangor.

Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is stingy to spend on the rakyat, but for salaries for the assembly's folk, no problem. This is a form of corruption as they have the power to raise salaries for themselves.

Satay Satay: The roads are bad in many areas and many streets are dark and gloomy at night. Can more money be used by the government for the benefit of the people instead of increasing the salaries of the elected reps by such a huge amount?

Multiply the monthly pay and you will see that the increases are too high. Can the assessments collected finance the yearly payout? What if they do not? Will the assessment rates be increased then?

How about the increasing number of new developments and incomes from their assessments being used to improve the dark and gloomy conditions of the housing areas in Selangor?

SomebodyElse: I rather they get a big fat cheque for the great work they have done for the people instead of getting something illegitimate under the table.

At least, it will attract more professional people from the corporate sector and the future generation to join politics instead of hooligans and uneducated cowboys.

Hang Tuah PJ: The menteri besar's salary increased by 106.4 percent - from RM14,175 to RM29,250. RM30,000 is a general manager's salary in a government-linked company (GLC). The chief executive officer (CEO) gets about RM80,000.

Deputy speaker with RM3,327 salary? That is a head clerk's pay in a GLC. The increase is long overdue. My salary is in five figures and it is still not enough to live in Kuala Lumpur supporting three children.

Factnot fiction: Even with the increment, the salary is still low. Pay them well and jail them if they become corrupt.

Straight Talk Joe 51: I have no problem with the new salary scheme, and honestly there is nothing to shout about. All this time, I have had my reservation about how those BN leaders can be so well-off with the old pay.

Fourtan: I'm willing to pay for good, honest governance. On the other hand, may I remind the MB and his men, your duties have become more sacred. Do not betray the rakyat of Selangor.

Watcher: This time we want to see the BN opposition elected representatives object to the increment. What say you?

Fairnessforall: As a Selangorian, I have no objection to the raise as they have done a good job and managed the state effectively. Unlike the federal goverment which has almost bankrupted the country, Selangor has huge reserves.

AJ: Way to go... If you pay peanuts, people will do monkey business like their Umno counterparts.

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