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YOURSAY ‘Najib has only himself to blame for the mess he is in.’


PM besieged by three political headaches

Swipenter: All this has everything to do with the power struggle in Umno that paralysed PM Najib Abdul Razak.


He tried the usual method of trying to win support in Umno Baru by intensifying attacks on the non-Malays and non-Muslims. Umno Baru's strategy was creating an external enemy for Umno Baru to be the champion of the Malays and Islam.


Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad did that successfully when he was squaring off with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Musa Hitam in the 1980s. He got Umno warlords to throw their weight behind him and Najib at the last minute swung his support behind Mahathir, tilting the balance in his favour and the rest is history.


Times have changed since then. This is 2014 and such tactics don't work effectively as before but Umno Baru has been fossilised by power for too long.


We want an accountable and transparent government free of corruption. We want equal opportunity, justice and fairness. And in Umno Baru itself dissenting views must be given a chance to be heard.


Just look at the quality of Umnoputras in the cabinet is enough to give you the shivers.


Penang Lion: A well-written or well-analysed topic by Neil Khor. I read it with very high interest and to sum up in one sentence: The country under the ‘BeNd’ leader whose slogan is ‘Satu Malaysia’ is not working and has failed.


Hearty Malaysian: Najib has only himself to blame for the mess he is in; he is the worst performing PM in Malaysian history.


Right from letting his wife Rosmah Mansor run the show so glaringly, trying to fool the masses on various matter with the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), ‘kangkung’ economics, pre-election promises with your ‘scratch my back, I scratch yours’, the dead Mongolian woman, missing Air Force jet engines, mishandling of the MH370 tragedy and instead spending time promoting RM1 chicken, lack of leadership to handle the Bible issue, thundering silence on Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma)- Utusan Malaysia- Perkasa’s racist remarks, allowing the police to sit on the kidnapping of a boy by a Syariah Court-backed Muslim convert, appointing a corrupt ex-chief minister as state governor, introducing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and breaking his promise of reviewing car duties after the election... the list can still go on.

We did not choose him to be our PM, Umno's selective nepotism and syndicates did.


5295: You reap what you sow. Umno - by practising divisive politics, you will end up having a divided nation.


RR: All this mess in Umno politics emanated because of its fanatics and ultras supporting the implementation of hudud law. This has a correlations with MCA not contesting in Bukit Gelugor.


Najib should put his foot down and said ‘no way’ to hudud law to these ultras and fanatics within Umno as it’s against the federal constitution. He should have cited all the Muslim countries with hudud law where there is no genuine justice. We don't want a Boko Haram here.


By this, he would have won half the battle in current politics. Even the so-called technical committee that is set up to study hudud law should have proper Islamic scholars knowing the reality of present-day human rights and civilisation.


Cocomomo: Malaysians must take charge and work together as Malaysians. Corrupt low-integrity politicians, racists and religious bigots misusing religion should be cast aside.


Build a moderate Malaysia where positive values from all religions should be practiced. There should be fair treatment for all races as Malaysians. Corruption should not be tolerated at all levels.


Religion is an individual's choice. While Islam remains as the official religion, there should be mutual respect for beliefs of others.


Fair Play: Implement hudud and Umno-PAS not only have to reckon with the non-Muslim communities but also the world at large. At best, it would be a Pyrrhic victory. A cursory look at Brunei would give some sort of indication.


Anonymous #06188481: Najib’s headaches do not come from a weak electoral performance. He has already been given the mandate to helm the country; a given fact.


Headaches come from him being a weak and unskilled leader. He has many skeletons in his closet. Therefore, he has no moral right to right whatever wrong done by his cabinet ministers or others for fear the same would exposed whatever skeletons he has been hiding.


Furthermore, he has no knowledge of how to govern the country himself. He relies too much on the opinions of others.

Headhunter: Finally, the chickens have come home to roost. This is all Najib's own doing for playing with fire.


Playing with religious and racial issues to gain support from one section of the community and malign the rest is a political no-no. In spite of so much objections and advise from the rakyat for him to refrain, he ignored us and didn't give a damn.


Now, his Waterloo is on the horizon and going with him will be Umno. Not that we give hoot if they go.

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