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YOURSAY 'Since BN lost popularity, these organisations have been fanning the flames...'


DAP may cause another May 13, warns Isma

Multi Racial: According to Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, under its DAP's Malaysian Malaysia concept, he noted that DAP promoted socialist and secular ideologies as well as equality among the races, which he claims go against Islam and the federal constitution.


Equality among the races go against Islam and the federal constitution? It is obvious that our federal constitution clearly states Malaysia is a secular country. So where did DAP go wrong? I always thought Islam is a fair religion that promotes racial equality, fairness and unity.


Is this racist twisting the teachings of Islam? If Abdullah Zaik is wrong, why the authorities have not cautioned him on this? Worst still, he threatened a May 13 racial riot. Are the police going to act against this racist?


Fair Play: Is the powers-that-be so afraid of DAP that they have to invoke the ghost of another May 13? What is even more scary is that they tacitly approve or outsource it to an extremist group like Isma to aggravate matters.


PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), where are you? Are you still waiting for further instructions from the home minister?


Yours And My Malaysia: Since when Islam is against equality among all races, and how does it go against Islam and the constitution?


ACR: A Malaysian Malaysia is in fact a slogan that is in consonance with Islam. It is based on merit, justice and fairness which Islam promotes.


Questioning lopsided business contracts given to cronies in the name of Article 153 is not the same as calling for the abolition of affirmative action.


Isma knows nuts about the federal constitution, just like Perkasa and like-minded organisations.


DarthVader: First, Isma said the Chinese and the Indians were intruders . Second, Isma said the Jews are colluding against Islam. Third, there are now saying DAP is going to cause May 13.


Isma sure has a very wild and wondrous imagination. I can't wait to see tomorrow's update from them.

Taxpayer: These Isma people have probably never read the constitution. Show us precisely where in the federal constitution is written the wordings 'social contract' and 'special rights' of the Malays.


Without granting all the immigrants citizenships in 1957, the British would never have granted independence to Malaya. We would probably still be under British rule today.


And former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said the non-Malays contributed up to 90 percent of the income taxes in Malaysia, so where have most of these taxes monies been spent since 1957?


Intruders come into the country to rob and kill, not as obedient citizens who pay taxes.


A.A: DAP was not the cause of the May 13 incident in 1969. We know that and we can guess (quite accurately, I believe) who were responsible for it.


If there is any future May 13 incident, it is highly likely that some of these same people or group of people who were responsible in 1969 will again be the cause.


Peace-loving Malaysians of all races should be able to see through the trap set by those who want to burn Malaysia for their selfish purposes, and they should voice against any attempt to sow hatred and discord among the people.


TehTarik: This neo-Nazi fascist organisation is trying to incite racial and religious riots. Their fascist ideology is no different from the Ku Klux Klan and Adolf Hitler.


They are promoting the ideology of Islamic supremacy where the other races would be beholden to these half-baked religious fanatics.


These fascists should be investigated for sedition. Isma is a dangerous organisation and the authorities should act sternly against them before the nation is destroyed.


Otherwise, Malaysia will become another failed state like Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan or Somalia. Organisations with similar ideologies were allowed to proliferate in these failed states years before these countries crashed.


Najib should act against these Islamic-fascists before they destroy Malaysia.


Relevancy: Isma leaders are flip-flopping on their words and that makes them a dangerous organisation.


For example, they said 90 percent Chinese voted for DAP, which is wrong. How about PKR and PAS? The 90 percent voted for Pakatan as a whole. Regardless, 90 percent is an overzealous figure since it is not fully substantiated.


And if one says that socialism or secularism is against Islam, does one realise every religion has elements of the mentioned?


The federal constitution of Malaysia is clear that the country was and still is founded on secularism. That has not changed.


Isma does not know the founding history of the country that includes Malaya joining with Sabah and Sarawak in the formation of Malaysia.


Onyourtoes As Clive Kessler, professor of sociology and anthropology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney put it succinctly, between now and GE14, the “reactionary forces” must do everything they can to put into effect deep and permanent changes to transform Malaysia into a Malay and Islam-centric country.


What other better alternatives do they have, if not using race supremacy and religious hatred?


And who are behind Isma in terms of ideas and finance? I don’t think people like Abdul Rahman Mat Dali and Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman are savvy and rich enough to act on their own.


CucuMalaysia: Now, which is worse? Seputeh MP Teresa Kok's video clip on rising cost of living or Isma's and Perkasa's constant unfounded claims about non-Malays and non-Muslims threatening the country's harmony?


If the governing authorities still don't see how harmful these groups are getting, all peace-loving rakyat should know what to do in the next GE.


Louis: I do not know when Najib and the IGP are going to tame those extremists. It is not the Christians, Chinese, Jews or DAP who are going to cause racial unrest. It is the likes of Isma, Perkasa and a few others who would.


Ever since BN lost its popularity among the voters, these organisations have been fanning the flames of racial unrest with their unfounded allegations. It started with Najib's infamous 'Chinese Tsunami' in the wake of GE13, blaming the Chinese for the loss of support instead of blaming his poor policies and corrupt government.


Taking the cue and emboldened by Najib's racist statement, those bodies in question have been issuing racial and religious instigations almost on a daily basis. To make matter worse, they do not have any evidence to substantiate their allegations.


Thank God that most Malaysians do not take their bait. Only God knows when the authorities intend to rein them in.

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