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Only Umnoputeras have the right to feel hurt?

YOURSAY ‘So, calling hardworking citizens ‘intruders’ is not offensive?’


Protesters want rep's blood over 'celaka' remark

Gerard Lourdesamy: The use of the word "celaka" in the House was unparliamentary and the assembly speaker should have ordered Seri Delima assemblyperson RSN Rayer to retract the word.


Alternatively, the BN can table a motion to refer Rayer to the Committee of Rights and Privileges.


However, Umno, Perkasa, Isma, etc, have consistently called the DAP, "Cina babi", "chauvinist", "racist", "communist", "pendatang", "pariah", "keling", etc, etc, on many occasions.


Isn't that also hurtful to the Chinese and Indians? It seems that in Malaysia, Umno supporters and their NGO lackeys have the liberty to offend others but they must be treated with respect.


Respect begets respect and until Umno and its supporters learn that, the word "celaka" is an apt description of their racist and bigoted attitudes towards non-Malays in this country who have simply given up on supporting Umno-BN. 


Babylon: Calling hardworking citizens "intruders" is not offensive?


Hafidz Baharom: I'm Malay and Muslim. If the YB Seri Delima (Rayer) said that the YB Kepala Batas (Reezal Merican) is "celaka", it does not mean that I'm "celaka-ed" too simply because I'm Malay and Muslim.


Saying Umno is "celaka" is also not saying that I am "celaka-ed" either, since I am not a member of the alleged "celaka" political party.


It also does not mean Islam is "celaka-ed" either, since Islam is a religion held fast by 1.6 billion humans, not just YB Kepala Batas. These are all not inclusive just because YB Kepala Batas is allegedly "celaka-ed" by YB Seri Delima.


Aries46: Rayer is within his rights to call a spade a spade as the gathering in Sunway City, under the guise of defending race and religion, was nothing more than a ploy to intimidate Machang Bubuk state representative Lee Khai Loon, whose actions had nothing to do with race or religion.


In that gathering, some goons carried banners threatening a repeat of the May 13 event. Though this is a criminal offence, those who threaten other races with the May 13 bogey 45 years on ought to have their heads examined.


Rightfully Rayer must stand his ground to maintain his condemnation of these mobs and those who employ self-proclaimed goons who terrorise others and bring shame to the country in the name of defending race and religion.


ACR: ‘Celaka’ means ‘unfortunate’, ‘unlucky’, a ‘disaster’ or perhaps just ‘damn you!’


Now, Rayer said this when castigating Umno for the banner 'May 13: Want some more?' . In essence, Rayer said 'damn you Umno for that banner threatening May 13'.


It makes perfect sense to many people but Umno has apparently disclaimed responsibility over the banner.


And no, Umno is a political party and does not represent the Malay people or Islam in entirety. That is rubbish and an unfortunate (celaka) line of thinking.


Fair&Just: Rayer was actually right about the gathering in Sunway City and the police did nothing about the call for blood and the threats made there.


Thanks Rayer, we almost forgot about the boorishness and ‘kurang ajar’ behaviour of those assembled there.


Sabahan: Honestly that is an appropriate description, but Rayer should not say it, as it is not the decent thing to do.


CQ Muar: Everything in Malaysia seems "sensitive" and "unacceptable" to Umno sidekicks these days.


I know and heard of the word “celaka” being used since I was a little boy in school, and virtually nobody thought much about it. Even the Chinese sometimes scolded their loved ones using the word.


In this particular instance, those unruly monsters deliberately stirred and created a scene, and termed it offensive and unacceptable.

For that, they made serious criminal threats to the DAP representative, tantamount to doing bodily harm along with hurling abusive words many times worse than “celaka”.


From such excessiveness, may I then ask, who owes who an apology? With such disgusting behaviour occurring so regularly, I wonder who or which portfolio leader ought to be held responsible for such misdemeanour?


Curiously, do Muslims advocate or permit such a reaction to such degree? Aren't tolerance and forgiveness being taught and considered part of one's faith? Due respect and no offence intended.                    


The Mask: "They vowed to find Rayer at his house." Now they are threatening his family. What madness is this? 


What will they do to him should they find him at his house? This is a threat against his life and family.


Anonymous #33877536: Why is Perkasa getting involved here on an issue involving Umno. What does that imply? Perkasa is a subsidiary of Umno?


Onyourtoes: Hey, Umno is a political party, it is not the sole representative of the Malay race and Islam. PAS, PKR, and DAP have Malays and Muslims too.  


DAP has been labelled as chauvinistic extremists. So what is so bad about some Umno members from Penang being branded “celaka”? 


I think it is very apt. This is nothing but intimidation. There is nothing brave about throwing tantrum; it is cowardice.  


Well Thats Fantastic: If people were as offended about poverty, education, and hunger as they seem to be about words, we would have no poverty, true world class education, and no one would ever go hungry.

Police helpless when confronting BN hooligans

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