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YOURSAY ‘Why are these people allowed to take the law into their own hands?’


Protesters barge into Dewan in search of DAP rep

TehTarik: These Umno guys are behaving like gangsters. This action by Penang Umno is shameful and another black mark on our democracy. Again, the police have failed to do their duty.                                         

The inaction by the police reaffirms the perception by many Malaysians that the force is highly partisan. Its master is Umno rather than the rakyat. This is no different from the police force in many African banana republics such as Zimbabwe.


Lamborghini: Malaysia is fast descending into mob rule and gangsterism. Where are the police and security personnel and why are they not doing their job (to stop the intruders)?


Why are a group of people acting like hooligans allowed to enter the Penang state assembly unchallenged? Why are these people allowed to take the law into their own hands?


CQ Muar: What an impressive country Malaysia has turned out to be. Can our former PM Mahathir Mohamad provide us with an answer - is this what you had advocated and bequeathed to the nation?


Are these what you meant Umno parents should discipline and impart to their children as loyal party supporters? Please enlighten us.


Peacemaker: This is Umno-scripted hooliganism, designed to show brute force when they know very well they cannot argue with sensible people.


Oriole: What recourse in law to require PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) to fulfil its obligations?


If this is not immediately addressed, tomorrow these barbarians could invade people's homes and nothing will be done against them.


The state government needs to show that it is going to ensure that these men whose identities are visible for all to see are immediately brought to justice.


As for the Teluk Intan by-election, BN can kiss its chances goodbye, thanks to these hordes.


Malaysia ABU: For these goons to intrude into the legislative hall, to disrupt the assembly sitting and threaten the people's representative, is clearly a detrimental to parliamentary democracy, and they can be charged under Penal Code.


The same law was used against student activist Adam Adli, who was just making speeches outside the legislative hall.


If these morons are not charged under the Penal Code, is Umno-BN telling the rakyat that we can break into any government building as well as the Parliament? 


Armageddon: I thought these goons are experts in lodging police reports. Why didn't they do that? Why behaved so uncivilised?


Kawak: Either the police officers were collaborating with the Umno gangsters or they themselves are fearful of the rascals.


Such uncivilised behaviour exhibited by these rogues only happens in Penang because it is a DAP-led government. Yes, yet another racially motivated act.


Anonymous_1393564288: The entire state assembly should lodge police reports. This is getting to a ridiculous stage where these thugs seem to be in charge of the country.


What is the state government and the police force doing about this? Perhaps the army needs to brought in.


The ordinary citizens have had enough of the daily reports of thugs and bullies, and of elderly women on the way to worship getting beaten to death. To the elected officials and the security forces, do something.


Anonymous #19098644: The speaker should lodge a police report for trespass, intimidation and disruption of public administration. He should also have called on the police to eject the scoundrels immediately.


P Dev Anand Pillai: Will the same be allowed in Parliament? The IGP (police chief) as usual will pretend as though nothing has occurred.


If the same had been threatened in Parliament House, the rabble rousers would now have been behind bars. Play the videos for the crowd in Teluk Intan and let them see it for themselves. It may remind them of the fracas in the Perak Assembly in 2009.


Bluemountains: All eyes are now on the police to take action against the mobsters. If nothing is done, DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud can now tell the folks in Teluk Intan that violence and lawlessness are allowed if it is against DAP and the opposition and is therefore condoned by the powers-that-be.


Gerakan candidate Mah Siew Keong's fate is sealed.


Pemerhati: This sort of thuggish behaviour by Umno’s goons has happened once too often.


The Umno-controlled police personnel, who allow these types of incidents to take place and do nothing, strongly indicates that the whole thing has been pre-planned by Umno and the police.


Pakatan Rakyat leaders have to give serious thought to as to how they can protect themselves from these Umno thugs in future.


Perhaps Pakatan could use some of its funds to hire some well-trained security personnel who are experts in martial arts to protect the assembly representatives.


Vgeorgemy: They tried all their tricks. Nothing has worked so far. The only thing to do is take the law into their hands and disturb the rakyat's peace.

Only Umnoputeras have right to feel hurt

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