Country in grip of the extreme right-wing

YOURSAY ‘Zam, I expect nothing less if Kiki was Chinese, Indian or any other race.’


Zam: What if Kiki was Chinese?

Negarawan: Former information minister Zainuddin Maidin (Zam), since Umno leaders loved to play hypothetical games to instigate racial and religious hatred, the question should be what if you were a Chinese or Indian spewing similar hate statements to Malays, exactly like what you have been doing?


You would be charged by our beloved IGP (inspector-general of police) with sedition, have cow’s heads thrown in front of your house, receive death threats and bullets in the mail, have your property and car attacked with red paint or Molotov cocktail, a flash mob exposing their butts to you, mat rempit gangsters shouting and making a ruckus, hundreds of police reports made against you all over the country, demonstrations and burning of your effigies, condemnation from Perkasa/Isma/Jati because you insulted the Malays/sultan/Islam, dead chickens with blood smeared on your door, Utusan Malaysia publishing incendiary articles about your misbehaviour, etc, etc.


Did I miss out anything so far? You see the difference, Zam?


Quigonbond: Why the AG (attorney-general) and IGP went all out to get Siti Fairah Asyikin Kamaruddin (Kiki) is because they want to show some balance (after charging opposition leaders on flimsiest grounds, Allah issue, etc) and that she's a nobody.


Zam would better direct his energy and criticism at the dangerous political game Umno, Perkasa and Isma are playing.


CiViC: What has it got to do with race or politics? It was a case where a young woman abused an elderly man, simple as that. The whole world reacted to this, and not over the fact that Kiki was a Malay.


Was there anything about race in the charges and sentencing? How stupid can these people be, just for the sake of some cheap publicity.


And why even bother questioning DAP leader Lim Kit Siang's case where there shouldn't be any case in the first place? Sedition charges are pressed at  the whims and fancies of the AG and PDRM under the influence of Umno


SameSame: CiVic, where are you living? Here in Malaysia everything is about race and religion, that’s what Umno has been trying to instill in the way they govern. Didn’t you know that?


Myrights: Zam, I expect nothing less if Kiki was a Chinese, Indian or any other race. This is not about race but about a crime committed.


Only Umno would turn this into a racial thing because Umno sees everything in terms of race. This is the reason why BN is a minority government and it is because of people like you that we are more and more determined to kick BN out in  the next GE.


In case you have not noticed, it is not that we like Pakatan Rakyat so much but because we despise BN for your racist mentality and because your incessant attempts to create racial and religious tension in an otherwise peaceful country.


Joker: I would say that if it had been Uncle Sim threatening Kiki, Uncle Sim would now be in jail for issuing threats to cause grievous hurt and for obstructing the road.


He would have been charged, investigated and jailed double time. He would have had to pay compensation to Kiki, pay a fine of RM50,000 and be whipped.


Isma and Perkasa would have had held rallies and use this as proof that Uncle Sim was really a Christian and an example of how Christians are lording over Malays.


Telestai!: Zainuddin Maidin, the desired outcome would have been the same, role-wise.  Matured Malaysians would demand the aggressor be punished regardless of race, creed or religion.


Be assured that Malaysians are showing signs of maturity, which means the days of Umno helming the country are numbered. 


Anonymous #44199885: I think Kiki got off lightly considering she was criminally intimidating the old gentleman and used the steering lock as a weapon.


The problem in this country is senior politicians from BN and their erstwhile supporters constantly look at issues through racial lens. This affects the way the younger generation think and treat fellow Malaysians.


Cultivating, nurturing and reinforcing that the feeling that Malays are under threat will lead to very short-term dividends for BN but it will have significant longer term damage on the social fabric of Malaysia long after these leaders have moved on to another place.


Lamborghini: Zam, may God have mercy on us Malaysians and give you and others like you a new pair of eyes to see things as a Malaysian, not as a bigoted racist who look sat everything with a racial slant.


A crime is a crime and the punishment should befit the crime. Why can’t you see the graciousness of Uncle Sim in forgiving Kiki and not press charges. Your mind is so distorted and prejudiced  that you only see evil when there is good.


Hplooi: The scary thing is that Zam is an ex-minister. How many current ministers have this kind of mindset?


So my premise that this country is in the grip of the extreme rightwing (at least in the past 10 to 20 years) is essentially correct.


This cabal is essentially puzzled as to why the minorities (a significant minority in case you care to note) are not grateful for not being ethnically cleansed.

Look who’s stirring the racial pot

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