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Look who’s stirring the racial pot

YOURSAY ‘What if Kiki was a Chinese you asked? Expect the same punishment.’


Zam: What if Kiki was Chinese?

David Dass: What point is former information minister Zainuddin Maidin (Zam) trying to make?


So what if the situation were reversed and it was a Chinese woman intimidating an old Malay man? Presumably the Chinese woman would have been charged. Is that so hard to figure?


The police acted independently and not because the Chinese community put pressure on them. In fact the old Chinese man refused to lodge a police report. He said he had forgiven her.


Race did not feature in the episode at all. Many of the Malays at the scene supported the old Chinese man. It would appear that Malaysians are capable of seeing right and wrong without regard for race. Zam should be proud.


Progressive: If the attacker was Chinese and the victim was  Siti Fairah Asyikin Kamaruddin (Kiki), the Chinese community’s reaction would have been just the same - condemnation of the action.


I'm not a Chinese. It is a sad day for our nation that former national leaders can only think in racial terms. What future does this nation have with everything being seen in a racial slant?


Look at the social media comments and you will know that the majority of Malays condemned this action even though the victim was a Malaysian of another race. It's some leaders who are racial.


Game: What if Kiki was a Chinese you asked? We would expect the same punishment, and we would be grateful for the judge who put her away.


Your question is really stupid, it just showed up the type of person you are - a racist, an idiot, and a person who has no common sense. You rather have people like Kiki continue endangering other people.


When you finally realised your mistake, don't say the media misinterpret your comment or your comment had been taken out of context.


Malaccan: Zam is still seeking his five minutes in the sun. He has been lonely in obscurity. He asked, what if the races were reversed. It's hard to speculate but it shouldn't matter one little bit.


If a Chinese girl had hurled such words and threateningly damaged an old Malay man's car, society's outrage would be the same. Malaysians are tired of seeing things racially even if race is always Umno’s obsession.

Malays were the most appalled at how Kiki acted and the quickest to condemn what she had said. Zam and Umno's lackeys try to twist this and make Kiki a helpless victim. Zam also insinuated that the courts punished Kiki disproportionately.


Not satisfied with that, he misdirected attention to DAP leader Lim Kit Siang. Now we see his destination, but what is the connection one wonders?


If Zam wants Lim to be swiftly probed, why not ask the same be done for BN leaders, MACC, Isma, Perkasa, Zulkifli Noordin, Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, or even the IGP?


JustAMalaysian: I know I may anger a number of people by my comment but I really think the punishment meted out to Kiki seems a little too harsh since she had shown much remorse even before she was brought to court, and the fact that she  pleaded guilty should have been a mitigating factor.


I am commenting as a Malaysian, not as a person of a certain race.


Paul Warren: Let us understand one thing. The hefty RM5,000 fine and the 240 hours of community service, if you see that to be too much, it is to make a point. She has made a laughing stock of the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ rhetoric.


Displaying ‘ketuanan Melayu’, she took on the Chinese man thinking she will get the backing of the Malays around her. But they did not follow the script. ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ means they should have been united against the Chinese. They did not.


Umno's and BTN's (Biro Tatanegara’s) lessons were all wasted. Instead of following BTN and Umno's lessons, they applied their common sense and normal human decency and refrained from identifying with the culprit.


What more, when it went viral, all the Malay commentators too, instead of backing Kiki, went against her. Whatever happened to ‘ketuanan Melayu’ that expects loyalty against the enemy?


Umno is fretting, realising all that investment have gone to waste. Malays were supposed to be ‘tuans’. Not decent. So now you understand why the hefty sentence.


Tiger50: The law did absolutely right in this case and I am proud of the Malay prosecutor who pushed for and the Malay judge who meted out heavy deterrent sentence to another Malay like in this case. 


I hope other offenders will be similarly punished to stop such kind of road bullies irrespective of race or creed. One must take responsibility for his or her actions and pay the price for being silly.


Kubang: At a time when Malaysians are closing ranks to comfort and strengthen one another in the wake of the MH17 tragedy, in comes Zam to throw a spanner in the works.


Justice should be blind. Right-minded Malaysians would agree that it matters not what race, religion or creed the perpetrator is. There should not be any partiality. Pure and simple.


Anon1: It just dawned on me that all these racial and religious issues stirred up by NGOs, retired civil servants, etc, are all calculated to invite response from members of the opposition.


Any response then is slapped with a sedition charge. This, I suspect, is the five-year plan to eradicate all opposition heavyweights and to secure a two-third majority in the next GE (general election) so that the constitution can be amended with drastic changes.


Far fetched? I don't think so.

Country in grip of the extreme right-wing

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