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YOURSAY ‘He is not without alternative, he still has Utusan Malaysia.’


Dr M: I got censored, you should get censored, too


Turvy: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has three problems.


First, his human attributes do not include compassion, tolerance or the ability to love. Vitriolic and hateful, he single handedly stunted a nation and issuing stunted leaders as his heirs.


Second, he is unable to think rationally. When in power, this did not matter because his power is absolute. Now, without power, the organ grinder has no monkey to dance to his discordium. His music is ignored because it was never music without a tethered monkey.


He can say things like if I'm censored, everyone else ought to be too. He can't reason that it is his venom that is being restricted and he is frustrated that he is unable to have his way.


Third, living under the ‘tempurung’ (coconut shell) - something he prescribed by law and forced on a section of our population - he does not have the muscle, brain or the wit to take on a world so developed that its tools and means are outside his or anyone else's control.


His advice now is to for us to dig deeper into the mud under the ‘tempurung’.


Ian2003: People don't usually get block by international websites unless the posting is too extreme and defamatory in nature, and that speaks much of Mahathir’s content.


At least his blog is blocked due to real sedition and unsubstantiated defamation but in our own country, anything that is against the government and especially if it is the truth it'll not only be blocked but the writer would be charged as well either for sedition or be detained to ‘protect’ him or her.


James_3392: With this revelation that he is being censored, I have more faith with Facebook.


Million of Malaysian don't get censor but Mahathir - that shows the Facebook administrators are not sleeping on their job.


But then again, Dr M is not without alternative, he still has Utusan Malaysia , our very own homegrown media.


J Ng: Bravo to Mahathir. He now wants censorship of truth, which is only available in the Internet and other social media.


Dissemination of untruth has been the norms of our mainstream media in Malaysia. It is a fact that digital information has bought about certain negative social behaviour but the positives far outweigh the negatives.


The world has changed and it is inevitable that its citizens must have access to the vast information and knowledge available on the Internet.


This will be the ultimate asset of the country so that we can develop competitively and strategically. It will help provide multi-viewpoint of opinions.


Malaysians have been misled and misinformed for too long until the Internet came along. All Malaysians and sincere politicians must object strongly to any such censorship.


Abasir: To say that everything Mahathir touched turned to dust is a bit of an exaggeration. He has had many notable successes:


Project IC in Sabah brought in a flood of sharpshooting talent and helped create Lahad Datu; Renong, MAS and Perwaja under Messrs HS (Halim Saad), TR (Tajudin Ramli) and EC (Eric Chia) for example, helped redistribute wealth - from public to private hands; the Universities and University Colleges Act (1974) succeeded in emasculating universities and produced a perennial stream of mindless order-takers to fill an Umno-compliant civil service and genuflecting hordes to leap to his defence (and praise) on cue.


And of course, one should not ignore his last but most significant success (albeit a personal one) - the ascension of his two begotten sons to billionaire status - one bailed out from a sinking ship using public funds and the other, air-dropped into the state where it all began.


Armageddon: Dr M is right that Internet freedom exposed our underaged children to pornography. It also promotes LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community), which to some is not acceptable.


But all these will not hurt the nation as much as corruption and cronyism. I hope the call for censorship by Dr M does not include articles exposing corruption and cronyism aggressively practised by the VVVVIPs of this country, which slowly and surely destroy this country.


Progressive: I can't stand Mahathir's logic and his intentional spin. And he is a racist. But his take on what the Israeli Zionists are doing is spot on.


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and company are worse than Hitler - killing women, children and bombing hospital. Many Jews have condemned this. To whitewash all Jews as bad is the worse form of racism - and Mahathir is a master of this.


He has instituted apartheid-type policies in Malaysia and behaves like the Israelis - that they're the victims.


How else can the oppressors both in Malaysia and Israel sleep if they do not con themselves to believe that they are the victim rather than racists and murderers?


Vijay47: This demand by Mahathir that the Internet be censored because he himself was censored could be described in many ways and one word that comes to mind is "puerile".


But such calls coming from him at age 89 perhaps suggests afflictions much more serious, that his second childhood is nigh upon him if not already well and truly entrenched.

Nevertheless, I do not challenge your basic premise, Mahathir - that what you experience should be experienced by all others also.


On that score, I wish my children were also billionaires. Like yours.

Condemn Zionists if you must, but not all Jews

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