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Condemn Zionists if you must, but not all Jews

YOURSAY ‘Do you think Dr M should also be made to suffer the way I did?’


Dr M: I got censored, you should get censored, too


Ferdtan: Yes, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is suffering from the ‘abused person syndrome’, if there is such a medical condition - that when he was abused, he wanted others to be abused as well.


It is no different to abused children growing up to be abusive parents. Mahathir is yelling like a spoilt child, ‘Look, Facebook is blocking my blog and so I want all Malaysians to be censored as well by the government.’


Logical? Not one bit. Come on Mahathir, if you think you have been unfairly censored by Facebook then join us in the fight against all unreasonable forms of Internet censorship.


Don’t try to nitpick certain issues to justify your reasoning. We pity the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community in that they are always the convenient target for the bigots like you.


The increased numbers of cars on the road contribute to more road fatalities so do we have to ban or limit the number of cars?


Can we limit the sales of Proton car since there are more of them on the roads than other makes in Malaysia?


Negarawan: The heavily biased, short-sighted, poorly informed, and racist statements by Mahathir clearly reveal why he can never be a great international statesman like Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew.


Trying to condemn the Jews (anti-Semitism) in a Jewish-owned website, and then complaining later why his blog has been blocked, clearly reveals his low-class personality.


Mahathir should take a deep look at himself and all the injustice, corruption, and damage he has done to this country.


Peacemaker: I was a straight A student, and was discriminated against for a place in the university, paid my way through three degrees, worked for the government where my career stagnated because I was not Malay.


Using Dr M's logic, do you think Dr M should also be made to suffer the way I did?


Guns 'n' Roses: This senile demented old coot thinks he still rules the world, or at least, this tiny dot called Tanah Melayu.


In the first place, why is he using Facebook? I'm sure he is aware that Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a Jew.

And if he is using a mobile phone, does he not know that it was also invented by a Jew?


Such confounding hypocrisy, yet he writes anti-Jew 'hate articles' and expect them to be published. And I thought he was a learned old coot.


Relak Aje: Put simply, the old man got blocked for posting a "hate speech". He bears vicious hatred for innumerable things and people, even in his twilight years.


This shows clearly in his face. Hatred is written all over it. One can only feel sorry for this deeply unhappy and tormented character.


Ipohcrite: Mahathir, what do you need Facebook for? After all, it is run by Jews, as you are wont to claim.


Anyway, you have Utusan and that should be more than enough for you. Utusan never publishes anything about the opposition unless it is unfavourable stuff.


Unspin: It is precisely this kind of childish, selfish and vindictive behaviour that prevents Malaysian companies from setting up a Facebook or Twitter look-alike in this country.


If Facebook was hosted in Malaysia, the men in blue would have raided their server farm by now.


Anyway, who cares about Mahathir thinks when there are over 1.2 billion happy Facebook users in the world. Moreover, one less bigot is one less heartache for everybody.


Al Red: Freedom does not mean you can make irresponsible remarks that are groundless.


No responsible Internet platform providers would give any individual space to promote racial hatred.


If he just condemned on humanitarian ground the killing of Palestinians by Israeli forces without the racist bits, I don't think Facebook would block access to what he wrote.

Anticonmen: Malaysians generally are not concerned about the Internet. Why should they?


Reneging on the constitution, dismantling rule of law, stealing from the coffers, cheating in elections, undermining the judiciary, fixing up political opponents, enriching oneself through cronies, controlling the media, practising racism, encouraging religious fanaticism and messing up Malaysia are what we are concerned about.


Casey: "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter," said George Washington.


We acquired freedom and liberty when the nation achieved independence; but only to lose it under 22 years of Mahathir's tyranny. And what we've lost, we've yet to recover to this day.


All freedom-loving people cherish three paragons of virtue: freedom of speech; freedom of conscience, and the prudence to practice them. Unfortunately, Mahathir makes a mockery of all three.

Dr M gets a taste of his own medicine

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