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Najib's 'ask why' goes awry
Published:  May 13, 2015 7:22 PM
Updated: 9:54 PM

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's attempt to impress upon students on the importance of possessing an inquisitive mind earns him brickbats on Facebook .

In a posting this evening, he recalled his speech to students at the National Academic Decathlon 2015 last night.

Najib said he reminded the young leaders of tomorrow that education is not just about learning specific facts and figures.

"It is about thinking widely around a subject, and questioning.

"Asking: 'why?' Being able to see both sides of an argument. Allowing your minds to open and develop, and for learning to be a voyage of discovery," he added in his post.

The responses from numerous Facebook users, however, was that the prime minister himself has not answered several pertinent questions.

There were also those who expressed support for Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is currently campaigning for Najib's removal.


Last night, I met a number of our young and bright students at the National Academic Decathlon 2015.In my speech, I...

Posted by Najib Razak on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Below are some of the responses:

Azrin Yee : "When we, the young generation ask why, you slapped us with sedition law. Walk the talk, don't la walk then hide. Still support AI (Anwar Ibrahim)."

Eddie Teoh : "We asked why..... but you never answer."

Fitra Fauzi : "But yet you arrest all the activists from mahasiswa . Walk the talk lar.."

Rajiv Rathakrishnan : "But in this country, when we ask why, you send the sedition law our way. How then? Always talk one thing, do another thing lah you boss."

Hazril Isa : "Yes, that is what are we doing right now Mr PM. We keep asking 'why' does the government do this and that."

Max Lee : "That's what we are asking. Why money missing in 1mdb? Why misuse GLC to bailout 1MDB? Why practice racist politics? Why the Malaysian ringgit going down so much? Why cost of living went up drastically? Why government debts piles up?"

Syafiqu Oh Syafiqu : "We as Malaysians questioning the Tabung Haji issue not because TH sold back the TRX (Tun Razak Exchange) land or bought it from 1MDB . We are questioning why TH used pilgrimage deposit money to buy that land from 1MDB.

"If TH wants to buy the land, TH can apply some loan from Islamic-based financial institutions. And we are also questioning why TH bought the land when the land's price is thousand times more expensive, since 1MDB can buy that land thousand times more cheaper than commercial price value?"

However, there were also those who supported Najib and urged him not to heed the negative comments.

Despite coming under intense pressure to step down, the prime minister has remained steadfast and claims that he has the full support of Umno.

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