A world of difference between slander, scandal

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YOURSAY ‘PM, no need to talk cock. Just answer where the alleged RM2.6b came from?


Slander ruined all that is good about 1MDB, rues PM


RM2.6billion in Mbank: PM Najib Razak, please reflect on your performance in the last six years. To be very frank, it was pathetic. Malaysians are not as stupid as you think.


If 1MDB has been well managed, no amount of slander can deter investors from putting money in the company. The negative perception is the result of your dismal management of the company.


After getting dirt cheap land from the government, even the blind could have made handsome gains from it.


But, you are blinder than the blind. 1MDB purchased almost out-of-shelf-life IPPs (independent power plants) at such exorbitant price and you allowed it to go through.


Finally, it was alleged that you have in your private accounts an astronomical sum of RM2.6 billion, and you did nothing to explain it. All these are noted by investors who are better informed. Don't blame slander for your failure.


Dont Just Talk: Najib, what negative perceptions are you talking about when there is an allegation of US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) found its way into your private AmBank accounts.


Malaysians are not stupid and the more you try to cover the gapping holes, such as the recent cabinet reshuffle and promoting four BN lawmakers from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to deputy ministers, it looks like you have lots of things to hide.


Magnus: Najib, if you are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea and find yourself incriminated and can find no one to trust since all those in authority appear to be spineless, tainted and compromised and functioning in the self-preservation mode, why not cut a deal with Parliament via the auditor-general and PAC to gain terms for an amnesty?

Or as minimum a mitigated sentence as possible, for you to be state's witness to help bring to account all the crooks involved before resigning as PM so new elections can be called in say, a year's time after competent Malaysians have cleaned up the Election Commission via an emergency caretaker government put in place through a special time limited Act of Parliament?


Can that final honourable action not be done to save yourself, Malaysia and the rakyat from further harm?


Anonymous_1391693662: Why should Lembaga Tabung Haji buy land that 1MDB had purchased at below market value at a price way above market value?


They could have purchased it direct from the government, and at a much lower price. You don't call this investment.


Justine Gow: "Among its contributions, he (Najib) added, was sponsoring the haj programme, repairing dilapidated houses, and helping poor fishermen."


I wonder if this is his answer to British PM David Cameron earlier this week. All these contributions, if real, are minor.


He did not list out the real major contributions, which include enriching one fat man from Penang and enabling him to indulge in wild parties.


Hytan: There are many other institutions and government agencies which are already providing such assistance.


We do not need 1MDB to make such contributions when it cannot even manage its business and finances properly. Stop the ‘gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua’ gimmick.


Hang Babeuf: “It's ruined - my great creation, my masterpiece - and it's all your fault.”


Typical Najib, typical Umno: everything is image, that is all that matters, “and you are ruining ours”. Reality doesn't count. Image and delusion and fantasy are the "primary reality".


Wish-fulfilment overcomes, negates and obliterates whatever exists, whatever "may be the case". It is what Freud called "infantile thought".


"Among its contributions, he added, was sponsoring the haj programme, repairing dilapidated houses and helping poor fishermen."


All done, of course, without any ulterior motive, any taint of political motivation, any element of strategic calculation. All purely disinterested. What rubbish.


But if the PM cannot honestly claim it was all altruistic, all done without any ulterior purpose, then all his maudlin, whining, self-pitying 1MDB defences, excuses and apologies are disingenuous, deceiving, dishonest, and mendacious.


Rick Teo: Najib should learn something about business fundamentals. A good business structure will withstand scrutiny no matter how people may want to sabotage it.


Is 1MDB a good business structure? No, because the purchase of the IPPs and land were all at an inflated price. The TRX (Tun Razak Exchange) land was the exception - it was bought below market price to be sold at an inflated price.


All these crooked underhand deals only served to taint 1MDB. No investors would want to participate in a venture that is full of such deals. That’s why 1MDB failed, not because of bad criticisms and sabotage.


RKR: Najib, no need to talk cock. Just answer: where did RM2.6 billion in your bank accounts come from. And who gave it to you and why?


Swipenter: There is a world of difference between "scandal" and "slander". We must learn to differentiate between the two but there are others who got the two mixed up.


Odin Tajué: My message to Najib is this. Just soldier on. There are people who are always so envious of our success that they would cook up all sorts of defamatory stories to make us look bad and our efforts lamentable. Ignore them totally.


After all, you have the best of the best in your company - in the persons of Jho Low and Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil. And not to forget your formidable wife, your pillar of inexhaustible strength as well, of course.

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