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Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ahmad Maslan was greeted with boos and jeers during Pontian Umno division delegates meeting, despite the fact that he is the deputy head of the division.

In contrast, former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin was greeted with applause during his arrival and whenever he reached an exclamation point during his officiation speech.

Shouts of " Hidup Tan Sri! " rang out in the hall numerous times during the speech of Muhyiddin, who is Umno deputy president.

However, Ahmad, who is also the Pontian MP, was booed and jeered whenever his name was mentioned.

When he was introduced by the master of ceremony, he was booed. When Pontian Umno division chief Hasni Mohammad mentioned Ahmad during his speech, there was subdued applause from the floor.

During Muhyiddin's speech, he congratulated Ahmad's appointment as deputy international trade and industry minister. This too was met with boos from the crowd.

Muhyiddin immediately admonished the crowd for doing so.

"He is the Pontian Umno deputy division chief, don't boo him," he said.

When approached by Malaysiakini later, Ahmad was asked what he thought of the reception he received from the delegates today.

"It was only two people who booed, right?" he said, before walking away.

Ex-DPM getting special treatment

Although he was booed several times during the event, Ahmad was approached by many Umno members for photographs. Ahmad happily obliged.

Ahmad is no stranger to controversy, but the booing comes as a surprise, with there being Umno members who were prepared to publicly embarrass their local MP and deputy division head.

As for the man of the moment, Muhyiddin, the sacked former deputy prime minister said although he no longer holds any cabinet posts, he was surprised with the level of public support shown to him.

"I have never expected that I will get such support when I am no longer part of the country's administration. Just now, while waiting for my flight, I was treated to a free cup of coffee by the shop's owner.

"When I went to get my hair cut, someone paid for it, maybe that person was sympathetic since I no longer have a job," he joked.

"People want to take selfies with me, I am now more popular than (singer) Siti Nurhaliza (Tarudin)."

Muhyiddin pointed out that this was not the kind of sentiment practised by the Malays only.

"The Chinese and Indians, when they see me, they say that they support me.

"This shows that they agree with me (being vocal against Najib). I simply hold on to the principles of justice and the truth," he said.

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