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YOURSAY ‘Maybe PM Najib Razak should try telling the truth for a change.’          

PM questions truth of articles in Sarawak Report

Vijay47: PM Najib Razak, posing a host of rhetorical questions may seem a sagely, patient, statesman-like response to the sad situation you have painted yourself into, but in your case, considering the numerous evidence, details, and cards stacked against you, it is a lost cause.                                               

Why ask these questions of Sarawak Report , Najib, when you are the best person to answer them? You are the one caught with the hand in the till.

Unbelievably, you dare to state that the matter is under the scrutiny of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Perhaps the weight of your heavy anguish has confused you further when you are the culprit who caused the demise of PAC and somehow managed to delay the inevitable noose drawing close.

As is fashionable with Umno leaders, you seem to be now relying on Islam in your plea for help with your desperate supporters like Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Ahmad Zahid Hamid and Salleh Said Keruak appearing to have similarly taken complete leave of their limited senses, raising defence gems like PAC, constituted by you and Parliament during your saner moments, being unconstitutional, that seeking to change an untrustworthy government was somehow illegal, and actually even admitting that a charge sheet was on the verge of being served on you when the services of those responsible for doing so were abruptly terminated, again by you.

What happened to your grandiose Bugis roar that you would sue The Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report ?  In the end, the only squeak from you was the heavy-handed action against local publication The Edge .

The going must be obviously particularly bad for you when you can't even pick the right breed of allies to speak up for you.

Ferdtan: If Najib doubted the Sarawak Report that he had transferred out US$650 million of the US$681 million deposited into his personal bank accounts back overseas, then all he has to do is to show the world that he did not. Simple, just show your bank statements.

This is like a person falsely accused by another of hiding the stolen goods in his house. All he has to do is to open the door to his house for anyone who cares to check. Problem solved, isn’t it?

Odin Tajué: Najib, yes, the emails were ‘true'. If they were not, you, Jho Low, PetroSaudi International, etc, would have sued Sarawak Report - which has issued a challenge twice to anyone doubting its report to sue it. Not one of you has done so.

1MDB’s RM42 billion loss was incurred due to such things as your purchasing of assets at dubious prices and arranging of bonds on unfavourable terms. You are merely twisting things to cover your impugnable action.

The social media reflects the opinion of the public. The paradigm in the court of public opinion is indeed the opposite of that in the court of justice. In the former, you are deemed guilty until proved innocent.

Your action and statements have portrayed yourself as guilty. Take Dr Mahathir Mohamad, WSJ, The Edge and the Sarawak Report to the court of justice where you are deemed innocent until proved guilty.

By the way, from whom did you get the US$680,999,986 that had crashed into your personal bank account like a mass of water breaching a dyke and what was the payment made for? We all know it was not a donation however you want to describe or qualify the word ‘donation'.

Second, have you or have you not transferred US$650 million of the US$680,999,986 out of Malaysia? Why have you chosen to ignore the latest claim instead of rebutting it?

Quigonbond: Anything the PM questions at this juncture is just self-serving. He should keep quiet and reinstate the 1MDB task force and quickly move to get whatever needs doing to get the PAC moving again in Parliament, and let people clear his name for him.

I can't belief his PR guys are doing such a disastrous job. They are digging more holes to cover up existing ones.

Aries46: Empty unsubstantiated rhetoric meant to brainwash Umno underlings has no bearing on the truth and does not necessarily mean the PM is right and others are wrong.

When Malaysians believe the Sarawak Report , WSJ and the social media more, it simply means they don't trust Najib nor his government and its cronies.

So far based on what the people have seen, the reports from Sarawak Report , WSJ and the social media have had more credibility than the empty words and tall tales and denials by Najib and his cohorts and his 1MDB ‘tai chi’ master Arul Kanda.

The irony is that the so-called 1MDB wizard, who can make money appear and disappear and make cash turn into units, has no guts even to take up MP Tony Pua's invitation for a dialogue.

So why is Najib slamming the credibility of those who exposed his RM2.6 billion caper? Weren't they right?

Tholu: Mr PM, if you are curious to know whether or not Sarawak Report's accusations of corruption against you can be believed, ask your strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

As you are questioning here in Kepala Batas about Sarawak Report's credibility, Abdul Rahman has unwittingly confirmed in Kuala Lumpur that Sarawak Report's news reports are trustworthy by citing the draft charge sheet claim .

Speaking Sense : Maybe Najib should try telling the truth for a change by specifically denying the allegations one by one in Sarawak Report and showing proof that the emails are not true and had been doctored.

If he can't do this, how can he expect anyone to believe him? Mr PM, surely you can answer the questions we have been asking - yes or no? How simpler can it get?

PanteR kInG: Najib is trying so hard to fight for rakyat. But somehow, people rather believe into rumours. Everything that the government plans to do is for the rakyat. But the people have misunderstood the government effort.

Oxymoronictendencies: PanteR kInG, working hard for the rakyat? What reality distorting drugs are you on? You just need to review the various responses from Najib over the past months to the various accusations.

These are the actions of a guilty person caught with his hand in the cookie jar. If he was as innocent as he claims, what does he have to fear from investigations that must surely exonerate him.

Instead he does everything within his power (and even abuses his power) to suppress and delay the investigations, and intimidate and harass the investigators. Perhaps not every allegation is true, but without doubt his recent actions demonstrate he has a lot to hide.

What Najib fails to realise is that it is not the exposes from Sarawak Report , WSJ, The Edge , etc, that are causing his credibility gap. It is not social media.

It is Najib's own words/lack of words, actions/lack of actions and his complete lack of transparency that have caused the rakyat's distrust and disillusionment.

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