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Now it is former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's turn to give his take on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's foot-in-mouth remark that Malays would be 'terbangsat' (bastardised) if Umno no longer ruled the country.

"I think if that bangsat leaves, we won't be bangsatlah," he said, to roaring laughter and applause from the crowd present at the Pasir Gudang indoor stadium today.

"The one who wants to 'membangsatkan' the race is not Umno, but this person."

Mahathir added that such remarks should not have been made by anyone.

"It's not Umno who is in the wrong. You are the one at fault. If you go, everything will be settled," he said.

The 'bangsat' who steals

Najib last week had said that Malays would be bastardised instead if Umno was not in power.

"The Malays and Muslims would lose everything if Umno loses power," he said, during the Kangar Umno division meeting last Sunday.

As the word is considered highly offensive among Malays and thus has become a recurring topic in the past week.

Meanwhile, Mahathir said leaders who prioritise their positions instead of leading the people properly had led to the public becoming " bangsat ".

"If we have leaders who prioritise their positions that they don't care the country is destroyed in the process, this will make the noble race becoming ' bangsat '.

"I didn't say this, he did. I never say such things to anyone regardless of race.

"I think if he is still around, Malays will become bangsat , because he steals.

"There has never been a prime minister who steals. Oh, not steal, it's donation," he said, to roaring laughter from the crowd.

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