Economic committee's first task is ask PM to leave

YOURSAY ‘The problem is not the lack of good advisers and good plans.’

Najib’s Special Economic Committee is a waste of time

Gerard Lourdesamy: PM Najib Abdul Razak can be remembered soon as the ‘Bapa Committees Negara’. What a waste of time and resources to set up the Special Economic Committee (SEC).

You don't need a committee to tell you that it is time for you to go. That single act in itself will restore stability to the markets and move the economy in the right direction.

Kim Quek: Perceptive comments from Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong on the miserable failure of Najib’s economic leadership throughout his six-year holding of the mantle of the nation.

The problem is not the lack of good advisers and good plans. The real problem is the leader himself who has zero political will to push through tough programmes.

Through this process, he has not only embroiled himself in colossal corruption scandals, but has also allegedly corrupted his party hierarchy, and degraded the entire government machinery.

Chin Tong is right. Forming another committee to save the economy is a sheer waste of time. Najib definitely has to go if Malaysia wants to avoid an accelerated decline - in all fields.

Retnam: There is a better resolution to our economic problems. The present prime minister must step down. 1MDB and RM2.6 billion must be investigated thoroughly and transparently. Everything else will fall into place.

Legit: These so-called economic wizards are going to regret that they accepted their appointments because the solutions to the current economic crisis are so obvious to the layman but they will not be allowed to go there.

It doesn't take these economists to come up with real solutions but everybody knows in the end they will recommend something to extricate Najib and his men from the current mess.

This SEC is not only a waste of time but also a financial burden for the taxpayers. Anybody with an iota of pride in them will not accept this appointment.

Abasir: Every one of these fellows is very much a part of the problem they are looking to resolve. If you've seen a cat or dog chasing its own tail, you'd know how ridiculous it is.

But then when alleged theft and bribery are called 'donations', a task force rendered mute, draft charge sheets declared fake, the author forcibly and unceremoniously removed and suspects spirited out, you know that you have arrived as yet another failed state.

John Wick: When you reach for your switch to turn on the light, some of that power is provided by 1MDB.

IGP denies 'sanitary pads' accusation in Rumah Api case

Just Your Normal Rakyat: I am just curious. The earlier report said that “eight of the 13 women detained... were forced to change their sanitary pads in front of female police officers”.

And now, inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar said that it was an accusation made by the women. He said he has checked. Checked with whom? Those who are accused of doing this? Of course, they would say no.

There are eight detainees making the accusation. Did he check with all of them?

If the accusation is meant to make the police "not look good", I am sure they can up make up something more "serious" than just changing...

Sabahan: Who do we trust, the IGP or those detained? The answer is obvious. Mere denial carries no weight.

RKR: Khalid is the most peculiar police officer in the world. He just get one side of the story and decides if the claim is true or false. Isn't it common sense to get both sides of the story?

And for your information, Khalid, there is no need for any effort to make the police look bad, they already looked bad the moment you became the IGP.

Well Thats Fantastic: The correct answer would have been, "I have started investigations into this." Not just sweep away serious allegations.

'We had to change sanitary pads in front of cops'

Vijay47: Why in heaven's name would any group of women detainees come out with this embarrassing humiliating allegation unless it was true?

Inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, you have about the same credibility as our ‘balloon’ prime minister.

Thinkingmachine: I agree with Vijay47 that women have a moral and emotional sensitivity to matters like this.

Gaji Buta: Our lock-up standard operating procedure (SOP) is worse than checking into a ‘kandang lembu’ (cow shed). I am sure this kind of thing happens almost every day and not just for this case.

Kangkung: When you dare to speak/read poems/draw cartoons/sing, etc, on anything that questions the ‘emperor’, the police are given a free rein to do as they like to demonise you.

And all the heads of the police state need to do is simply state that the accusations are "baseless and meant to damage the police".

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