Report lodged against protester over DAP 'babi' remark
Published:  Sep 18, 2015 9:21 AM
Updated: 12:03 PM

Johor opposition has lodged a police report against a protester who hurled racist remark against DAP by calling the party ' babi ' (pig).

DAP, PKR and Amanah condemned the seditious and provocative statement, which they said can threaten racial harmony.

Identifying the protester as Ashikin Yunus, 52, who resides in Pasir Gudang, the parties lodged their report at the Sri Alam district police headquarters based on a video clip in KiniTV .

"Her statement was full of foul language. This does not reflect the good nature of Malaysians, as well as the decorum and decency as outlined by Rukun Negara," they said in a joint statement.

In the video clip, the woman warned DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang by stating that the land belongs to the Malays, and those who were granted citizenship does not mean they enjoy the same rights because they are still an immigrant.

"Becoming a citizen does not mean that we enjoy the same rights. We knew long time ago that an immigrant is still an immigrant.

"DAP pig is ' babi '," Ashikin had said.

The opposition called for stern action against those who were involved as a deterrent to others.

They urged political organisations, particularly Johor Umno, NGOs and the rakyat to reject such narrow-minded remarks.

Vernacular schools are protected

Meanwhile in Penang, Gerakan Bayan Baru division also lodged a police report against the red shirts who called for the abolishment of Chinese schools.

Such calls, said its vice-president Chan Kim Beng, has violated Article 152 of the Federal Constitution which guarantees the freedom to learn and practice one’s mother tongue.

He added that vernacular schools are protected under the Education Act 1966 and the 2013-2015 education blueprint.

Chan called for swift police action, and added: "Let there not be another repeat of such incident.”

Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu was organised by National Silat Federation. Pitched as a counter-rally to the mammoth Bersih 4 gathering on Aug 29 and 30, the red shirt rally at Padang Merbok on Malaysia Day had the blessings from DBKL.

It was generally free of violence, save for the little fracas at the end when a few hundred protesters insisted on making their way into the Chinese-dominated Petaling Street and the Federal Reserve Unit's water cannons were used.

The day's event, however, was marred by charges of racism, not only on the provocative banners and placards against the Chinese and DAP carried by Malay protesters, but also in the speeches from the stage.

An estimated 50,000 people attended the rally.

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