Penang continues to vaccinate, cull stray dogs

The Penang government will continue measures to provide vaccine and control the population of stray dogs in the state in efforts to tackle the spread of rabies infection.

The state exco member in charge of health, Dr Afif Bahardin, said a survey found that Penang still had about 25,000 neglected or stray dogs.

He said the state government was making efforts to provide the dogs with vaccine besides reducing their population by disposing of the dogs to control the spread of the disease.

"Operations to provide the vaccine and to catch and dispose of the stray dogs were actively being carried out to prevent bites that could lead to rabies infection," he told reporters today.

He said that in the last three days, operations by the Veterinary Services Department had disposed of 182 stray dogs but the department still received reports of bites by stray dogs.

Dr Afif (photo) said that since Wednesday, 14 cases of humans having been bitten by stray dogs had been reported.

“I received eight reports of dog bites yesterday with two cases in the Seberang Perai North district, two cases in Seberang Perai South, three cases in the North-east district and one case in South-west.

"However, we could not catch the stray dogs concerned and could not test the samples to determine whether the dogs were infected with rabies or otherwise," he added.

He said dog owners could get their dogs vaccinated at the Veterinary Services Department for a fee of RM45 including the dog registration licence and so far, 167 dogs had been vaccinated.

- Bernama

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