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The Edge wins battle but is the war over?

YOURSAY ‘Should the gov’t appeal, it’s entirely possible the decision will be reversed.’

High Court quashes decision to suspend The Edge

SteveOh: The Edge has got justice but the real winner is justice itself and the judge who delivered the verdict. Justice Asmabi Mohamad is a credit to the rule of law in the country.

There is hope for Malaysia that justice has a chance when judges rule by the law and not capitulate to pressure from the politicians. When judges can check the abuse of power by the executive then indeed there is a chance for checks and balances to work.

Let's hope other cases where justice has a chance follow this encouraging result. Congratulations to The Edge .

Pemerhati: We have seen many times that in cases where the Umno-controlled government is involved, initially the verdict is given against the government but eventually on appeal, the verdict is reversed in favour of the government.

The obvious reason for this is that PM Najib Razak and Umno want to create a false impression that the judiciary is independent.

Are Najib and Umno playing the same game again and try to fool the public? Only time will tell.

Xtcher: While I congratulate Justice Asmabi for her brave and correct decision, I also pity her.

Now she must be prepared to be sidelined for all promotions and/or transferred to some dead-end department. That's the way things go with the present government.

Ask the recently retired chief justice Hishamudin Mohd Yunus .

Ayfy19: A commendable, logical and reasonable judgment. The decision cannot be otherwise going by the law.

MVA: I hope there is no appeal. If there is, I appeal to our learned judges to heed the advice of Justice Mohd Hishamuddin Mohd Yunus - to be independent in making decisions, decide in accordance with the law and constitution, and decide without fear or favour.

Anonymous_1371464888: Let's hope The Edge come back with vengeance on 1MDB.

CQ Muar: Congratulations to The Edge and their counsel on their success. And ‘syabas’ too to the High Court justice on the wise decision.

At the end of the day, surely the Court of Appeal will not reverse the decision as this will cast doubts on the kind of judicial system we have in this country.

Nonetheless, we'll keep our fingers crossed that the Home Ministry's appeal will be thrown out.

Haveagreatday: The decision will be appealed and consistent with other high-profile political cases, this decision will be overturned. Yet, we rejoice with this decision today.

It shows that our judiciary is not beyond redemption - that within it, there are brave judges willing to rule based on principles of fairness and justice.

Appum: Truth always prevails. This learned judge knows the law and therefore can rule without fear or favour.

The Edge , please continue with your good work and keep Malaysians informed. Patriotism is saving your country, not destroying it.

Peacemaker: Based on recent revelations from within the ranks of the judiciary, there go Justice Asmabi’s chances of any future promotions within the judiciary.

But Justice Asmabi can rest assured that Malaysians are with the court on this one.

Legit: This is a little tiny spark for Malaysians who are seeing nothing but doom and gloom for their nation.

Malaysians have to thank many individuals who are taking real action and taking the brunt of the repression.

The victory for The Edge may seem temporary for they may overturn it at the Appeals Court, but yet it is something Malaysians can rejoice for now.

Vijay47: The ostensible reason for the banning of The Edge was that in its articles it had allegedly relied on false documents and information relating to 1MDB's financial standing.

Repeating ad nauseam that the magazine was wrong would not satisfy nor convince anyone.

An immediate appeal by the home minister would not be surprising. The real surprise would be if the appeal were to fail.

Kangkung: Najib will get another judge and the decision that was handed down will be overturned. Then Najib will tell the world, "Look, the judiciary is free in this country."

Wira: The publication and owner are already harassed by the executive. In the case of malicious intent, the executive must be held personally responsible for damages suffered by the plaintiff. I hope the law can be changed to accommodate this.

Swipenter: The courts are the last refuge for the citizens against tyranny. Today we are reaffirmed that that still holds true in Bolehland, otherwise tyranny would reign supreme over us all the time.

Curdle: Surely the judge's decision is “detrimental to parliamentary democracy”?

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