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Will Umno nab Johor prince over secession talk?

YOURSAY | ‘Yet they bayed for the blood of Sabahans who raised the issue of separation.’

Johor can secede if terms breached, says crown prince

RM2.6billion Duit Haram: Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim will make a fine sultan. Seldom do I hear any of our leaders saying that he places the people's interest first.

The mess in our country right now is caused by one person who has placed his interest before the people's.

Despite repeated call by the majority of the people, including the sultans, to solve to 1MDB issues, he stubbornly resisted.

Tunku, we know what you are driving home at. But, it is no use hinting to a selfish and shameless leader, who still thinks that he has the people's mandate.

We can only hope that Your Royal Highness can tell the recalcitrant leader directly the mess he has created for the country. The people of Malaysia will be indebted to you forever. Daulat Tuanku.

Disgusted: A brave statement from the prince. It’s a slap in Najib’s and Umno's faces. Let's wait and see what Umno leaders now say about this statement.

They bayed for the blood of Sabahans who raised the issue of separation or autonomy. Let’s see if they have the gumption to take on the powerful Johor sultanate.

Oh Ya?: By Tunku Ismail’s logic, Malaysia should have been dismantled when Malaya unilaterally kicked out Singapore, which together with Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak, was signatory to the Malaysia Agreement which formed Malaysia.

Moreover, by treating Sabah and Sarawak as two of the 13 Malaysian states instead of equal partners, hasn't Malaya breached the terms of the Malaysia Agreement?

Many examples abound, including the ‘nationalisation’ of the two states' oil and gas assets and infringement of Sabah's power of immigration control by granting citizenships to the Filipinos for votes.

Sabah and Sarawak are also deprived of their universal rights of self-determination as secession is prohibited by the Federal Constitution and reinforced by the recent amendment to the draconian Sedition Act. Can they secede, too?

CQ Muar: Thank you Tunku Ismail, for declaring your firm stand to protect all Johoreans. We are grateful to have a prince (and our future sultan) to take care and look after our interest.

With the on-going topsy-turvy government led by PM Najib Razak, we have reason to worry about our wellbeing, but you have certainly dispelled our concern as a Johorean.

For this, we salute you and are grateful for the protection you have assured us of.

Roy69: Tunku, please keep Malaysia and Malaysians together. We cannot now talk about independence. We have to get rid of BN.

BeFair: Roy69, though I agree with you, it isn't easy to get rid of Umno. To Najib, cash is king; to the majority poor, cash is a month's supply of food. It translates into votes. The majority of voters are rural folks who are loyal to the money they receive.

No, the best way out of the misery we are in is for Johor to, as suggested by Tunku, secede from Malaysia. The Johor sultanate has a long history of able administration and sultans who are not only wise and just, but are also men of great business acumen.

I have no doubt that under their administration Johor will prosper much better than neighbouring Singapore.

Anonymous_4056: If Johor secedes from Malaysia, I would claim citizenship of Johor immediately as I am born in the state and extremely proud to be a Johorean.

Visu: Johor's present population is 3.5 million. If Johor secedes, its population will increase by 13.78 million overnight. That will be 52 percent of Malaysia's (30-3.5 million) population.

Anonymous 759201436321741: Tunku Ismail, I 'migrated' to Johor some 20 years ago. If there is a real leader, you are truly one.

Your statement would send a very strong statement to foreign investors, especially from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

Long-term investors want long-term political stability, which could only be provided by strong leader. Tunku is such a person.

Anonymous 807601441602775: Well said, prince. Anyone lesser uttered this would be hauled up for sedition.

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