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Read and decide yourself, says Altantuya book author

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YOURSAY | ‘It is impossible to produce primary evidence in this kleptocracy.’

Cousin’s outrage led to ‘Murdered in Malaysia’ book

Abasir: In as far as this bloody saga is concerned, it ain't over, not until the fat lady sings. Malaysians will have to wait for a very long time for anything resembling a return to law and order, ethics, morality and good governance.

It is not just the combined villainy of the two that will continue to retard the country, it is the high tolerance for crookedness, corruption and sloth by more than 60 percent of the citizens - those who wear their religion on their sleeves and who consider themselves to be members of the master race.

Narthank: ES Shankar must be the fiction writer of the year. He must be a mental case to base a ‘serious book’ on information from the Internet.

That is like another clown, Rahim Thamby Chik, claiming that the Selangor prince converted to Islam and that the ruler will be meeting the Pope based on what he read in the Internet.

This writer should have at least tried to interview his pet cat or grandma. What has happened to our standard of education? Anyway who is this clown? Never heard of him.

Pisasu 7: Narthank, you are right bro. Since we live in Bolehland, we don't know what is fact or fiction.

Jibby and Big Mama stories or ‘Cina Babi’ Jamal walking around or the hazy overcast skies every day. Never heard of you either, bro, so don't be a clown, too. Why don’t you introduce your cat or grandmother for this joker to interview?

Anonymous_1371467117: Why are some so anal about personal interviews? Shankar's clarity of thoughts and account of events are meritable enough to be accepted as secondary evidence.

It is impossible to produce primary evidence in this kleptocracy. If anyone wants to raise an objection, it’s only fair that one reads the book first.

Sir, you are a patriotic Malaysian and thanks for fighting for us. Salutations to you for your efforts and bravery but please remain safe!

Donplaypuks: Thanks for the comments. There are very sound reasons, like my personal safety, why interviews were not done. In some instances, requests were turned down.

Again, surely you did not expect that key players like Najib Abdul Razak, Rosmah Mansor, Deepak Jaikishan, Sirul Azhar Umar, Azilah Hadri, the inspector-general of police (IGP) etc, would cooperate, did you?

Anyway, I suggest you read the book to understand its full scope - available at - before you express doubts and reservations.

Check out my credentials at and blog contributions at . I have also contributed to a few other articles at Malaysiakini . Check the archives or google it.

Cheers, ES Shankar.

Move to reduce remittances by foreign workers

P Dev Anand Pillai: The foreign workers are not stupid, they will weigh the pros and cons before coming here but as usual, we have a large community of readily usable refugees who will easily accept low pay in return for citizenship.

If they implement their dumb plan, it will be easier for foreign workers to further dilute the Malay society by marrying Malays and begetting the next generation.

Then it doesn't make a difference whether you allow him to keep his money or to pay it into a fund. Because at the end of the day, he gets his bumiputera-ship which is a first-class citizenship. What else can be better than that?

The Analyser: But not as stupid as the ill-thought-through original idea of getting all the work done by non-Malaysians while the locals sit on their butts waiting for the next handout.

I wonder how much the immigrant workers ship out each month when compared with business and government cronies? My guess is less than 10 percent. A certain VVIP alone probably ships out more than what a million immigrant workers send home.

MfM: Here's an easy way to stop foreign workers sending back money. Get rid of them. No more foreign workers, no more money leaving the country. Give back jobs to Malaysians.

At one time, they were restricted to certain sectors, now they are everywhere. Enough is enough.

Roger 5201: I fully agree with MfM, we need to control and minimise the inflow of foreign workers and increase the skills and productivity of our locals. We also need to stamp out corruption and scandals which are giving Malaysia a bad name.

Sleepy: Foreign workers will still send home the same amount, except that their wages will rise due to the extra requirement/cost imposed. The extra cost, like everything else, will eventually be borne by the rakyat.

Bangsat: Of course, the Bangladeshis will send 80 percent of their salary home. Do you think they came here to shop at Starhill? If foreign workers harm the economy, then don't allow them here in the first place.

Why Tell Me?: Malaysians have been sucked dry of their blood, now foreigners, too? The Home Ministry allowed another 1.5 million Bangladeshis for the same purpose.

It’s a blessing in disguise, as most foreigners will pack up with the ringgit’s value being not far from that of the rupiah.

Mosquitobrain: Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed, what a brilliant idea. Plan B: Get your ministry to propose for more Jalan Alor ("I pay you, you pay her and she pay me"). See, the ringgit will stay at home.

Plan C: Have more Arab billionaire friends.

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