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RTM cuts own nose to spite its face

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YOURSAY | ‘Only a communist state censored such a trivial matter.’

'RTM news crew punished over photo of PM'

Behsaikong: The phrase "afraid of one's own shadow" comes to mind. When, how and why has today's Malaysia become so sensitive, intolerable and over-reactive? How come?

We need as a nation to hang loose a bit, relax and act a little more confident. Super-fast (and over) reaction ironically makes people even more suspicious.

Wira: RTM is a propaganda machine of the state. Such punishment is like cutting one's nose to spite one's face.

If anyone should be punished, it's the individual who issued the ‘ban visual’ instruction.

Anonymous 405401436586659: There is nothing wrong with the photo because it reflects PM Najib Razak in his current 'broken' state with no way to go but down.

I doubt he will last long because the knives are out in Umno. The rest of the collage shows his team - Jho Low and friends.

Anonymous 29051438068738: That should be the only photograph used every time he is mentioned.

It says everything Malaysians have come to know of him - from Scorpene submarines to Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder to 1MDB.

GE14NOW!: It looks like we have a cult regime similar to that of North Korea in the works here.

But what's the problem with a photo anyway? Whether he looks handsome or not, he still looks bad. It is incredible the depths to which his minions will go to lick his boots.

Kangkung: Things like this only happen in countries rule by despots. A despot always needs to be placed on a pedestal with his retinue perpetually placating him.

Anonymous$&@?: "Meanwhile, Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak said he was not aware of any such directive coming from the ministry level," said Malaysiakini .

The reason our country is in a mess is because the head doesn't know what the bottom level is doing.

This situation can be seen across all government departments and the end result is a half-past-six government running the country.

Old Timer: He can’t be a good minister for communications and multimedia if Salleh does not know what is happening.

May be another person (from Umno of course) who can be a better minister.

Democracy: If I am the news reader, I will stop reading the next news item until the video footage is shown. Then the news programme will just be a solemn silent protest.

All For Malaysia: Democracy, there are many Chinese waiting to replace them. These news staff have to earn a living to feed their families and loved ones.

Ratbatblue: In the above visual, the newscaster looks more worried than Najib. I wonder why.

As many commentators have mentioned, not many watch the mainstream news, especially RTM’s Chinese News.

Nil: Hello, who is really being punished? The newsreaders (who are only doing the job of reading the news script) or RTM itself?

After no video footage, now no Chinese headlines

SRMan: No video footages and no headlines in Chinese. Something very unique. It's a blessing in disguise. Viewership has increased.

Lamborghini: Whoever the little Napoleon in RTM who ordered this kind of idiotic action, he or she doesn't realise that the government is just shooting itself in the foot.

Whatever information is shared in the news will be less understood and it will make more Chinese turn away from supporting the government and RTM. There is no lack of more dynamic news source in this modern world.

Little Napoleon, you are just doing the opposition a great favour. Get out from under the proverbial "frog under the coconut shell".

Vijay47: Good show, Najib, you simply could not get the timing better.

In a couple of weeks, your golfing kaki (US President Barack Obama) will be visiting Malaysia and following what you just did to the Mandarin News on RTM, you might want to teach him a thing or two about clipping the wings of NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox.

And to show everyone that you don't take too kindly to people who do not portray you in the best possible light, you should next instruct RTM to ensure that the Mandarin news is presented in Bahasa Malaysia. ‘Sieh sieh nee.’

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