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PAS, enough of the good cop vs bad cop routine

YOURSAY | 'Hadi seems to be spiralling ever closer to Umno and Najib but ...'

Tun Ibrahim: PAS still working to kick out Umno

Mantra888: PAS is in dreamland. Its president Abdul Hadi Awang said he has no intention of taking Putrajaya, but his deputy Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man wants to kick Umno out.

Voters will surely be perplexed by these politicians who constantly flip-flop.

Southpaw: Tuan Ibrahim, when was the last time you spoke to your president before talking about kicking out BN?

Lord Denning: The late tok guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat had often said that Umno is the ‘syaitan’.

Was Abdul Hadi planning to business with the syaitan as evidenced by former PAS vice-president Husam Musa's account of his intention to form the Selangor government with Umno and potential ‘katak’ from PKR (who obviously didn't take the bait)?

Abdul Hadi, come clean on your ‘katak’ strategy and Umno dalliance. How can Abdul Hadi be an imam? He is just another political operator trying to do some mischief. He has no integrity.

Fair&Just: ‘Trojan’ Hadi lost Terengganu and Kedah in the last few elections, while PAS retained Kelantan because of Nik Aziz, may Allah bless his soul.

Without tok guru around, PAS members' ugliness has surfaced while the righteous ones are leaving the party for Parti Amanah Negara, which truly embodies ‘amanah’ (trust).

Wsoi: I don't believe PAS anymore. Outside they project Islam as their first priority, but inside they are just crazy for power.

Look at how their MPs perform in Parliament, only Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar is any good. Only the kampung folks would believe them now.

Mojo Jojo: If you want to kick Umno out, why don't you start removing yourself first? The last time I checked, all of you have Umno written all over your foreheads.

Just ask your former vice-president Husam. He will tell you all how Hadi intended to work with Umno.

So, I guess the first person you should be kicking is your party president, followed by yourself.

Thinking Citizen_1403620863: It is inconceivable that the president and the deputy president are on different pages.

We have Abdul Hadi who is looking at opportunities to work with Umno under whatever pretense to get the hudud laws implemented.

On the other hand, the deputy president seems to be questioning the government's policies which are questionable, and insist that PAS will support the vote of no confidence, which is unlikely to happen in any near future, as the speaker has effectively killed it by some ridiculous demands before the bill is tabled.

Ultimately everyone knows that Abdul Hadi is calling the shots. So as long as PAS is not with the people to demand for accountability from Najib's cabinet, all they are doing is spewing hot air and are to be taken with caution.

Basically: Tuan Ibrahim, you are either kidding yourself or living in fantasy land, or totally blind and deaf. Just read what Husam said about the Selangor unity government.

And remember what the PAS presidency contender Ahmad Awang said about the Perak move in 2008?

Even when the Umno government is at its weakest, Abdul Hadi is even proposing to help Umno. If that's PAS' way of kicking out Umno, then it's got to be the dumbest party in the world. Or you are just lying to the people.

You look decent, but as former Umno Temerloh MP Saifuddin Abdullah learned the hard way, good men die first in a rotten party.

You have stayed on in PAS either because you have toed the line unlike your progressive ex-colleagues, or are playing two sides.

Maplesyrup: Tuan Ibrahim, enough of good cop vs bad cop charade. All Malaysia witnessed to our horror how PAS had been and is being single-handedly run by Hadi Awang and his syura council, and the former party deputy Mat Sabu and many progressive MPs had no say whatsoever.

Don't try to do damage control by sounding moderate and anti-Umno, you have no say in the matter, and the people who have a say are already crawling in bed with Umno.

Anonymous #03815719: Tuan Ibrahim, your actions speak volumes, more than your words. We all know what your president is up to.

Sleepy: Lately I notice that, although I don't care even one bit, PAS is acting like a bad pantomime, with the head and the trunk speaking different things.

T’ganu MB happy to have Hadi as BN state’s adviser

P Dev Anand Pillai: I have always said PAS can never be trusted. On the one hand, there are those who wear power suits and con the people, and on the other, we have those who don the turban and the robe and con the people as well.

No Eye To See: Maybe Abdul Hadi will play the role of a Trojan horse. Based on his experience as a one-term Terengganu MB, he may very well help BN to lose the state to Pakatan Harapan in GE14.

Anonymous #20099632: Congratulations. What a perfect combination, a dream team of Najib and Abdul Hadi, hudud and 1MDB.

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