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There was conspiracy to get rid of Kevin's body, says brother
Published:  Nov 25, 2015 10:16 PM
Updated: Nov 26, 2015 12:20 AM

There was a conspiracy to get rid of the body of murdered deputy public prosecutor Anthony Kevin Morais, claims brother Charles Suresh Morais.

In a statutory declaration (SD), Charles implicated an officer of the Attorney-General's Chambers (AG's Chambers).

He highlighted a text message which he claimed was sent by the officer to another of his brothers, David Ramesh Morais, around Nov 15.

The message: "Dearest darling Bro David. Just received message from Bro Richard. He wants to remove Kev's (Kevin) remains and give a decent burial if time permits tomorrow. He asked me to find out from you if you would join him in getting the remains of Kev fr (from) the mortuary. Thank you".

Richard is in reference to Richard Dilaan Morais. Both David and Richard are younger brothers of Charles while Kevin is the eldest of the four.

Charles said the message meant that there was an attempt to get rid of Kevin's remains even though he had made it clear that he wanted a second post-mortem and had communicated with the AG's Chambers, which said it was not opposed to such a move.

"The contents of the above SMS appear to indicate that there was a conspiracy to dispose of Kevin's remains without my knowledge as no mention of my name has been made in that message.

"This is despite the numerous letters, meetings and requests made to all concerned parties that I was intent on having a second post-mortem done.

"This was common knowledge at the AG's Chambers and an understanding between us had been reached, with the filing of an application to the court as agreed.

"It is therefore very surprising that an officer of that same department appears to be trying to circumvent this understanding by clandestine means," he said.

Richard had claimed Kevin's body at 11.30am on Nov 23 from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary.

Charles questioned Richard's sudden interest in Kevin as the two had not been on good terms since 2004.

Charles added that he was the only brother Kevin was close to.

"I was therefore surprised that Richard was apparently behaving as if he was very close to Kevin and was portraying a very unusual concern to expedite the funeral and cremation of Kevin's remains," he said.

In the SD, Charles also said he had the impression that hospital authorities was pressuring for Kevin's remains to be removed.

"I am very surprised that the authorities at Kuala Lumpur Hospital and the police appear to have been complicit in allowing Kevin's body to be removed from the mortuary by Richard when they were both fully aware that I wanted a second post-mortem to be conducted.

"I believe this clearly demonstrates mala fide on their respective parts in their efforts to prevent this second post-mortem taking place," he said.

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