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YOURSAY | ‘Why are PAS leaders so keen to be wooed/seduced by Umno?’

Najib reiterates peace offering to PAS, cites Quran

Quigonbond: I think the PM's game plan presupposes there will be no revolt within BN coalition with the introduction of a new partner who wants hudud implemented.

I'm reminded of mafia stories where one of the grunts who move up the ranks, doing all the killing, robbing, etc, for the big boss, and enjoying the perks of power and money, realises one day that the boss is just manipulating him, and he eventually turns on the boss.

BN's end could be coming sooner rather than later. I can't wait for the marriage to take place.

Vijay47: Najib Razak, I am quite impressed with your grasp of Arabic phrases though I cannot say the same about your adherence to Islamic virtues.

Nevertheless, perhaps you can repeat this call to unity to your brethren in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan. God knows they need it. You would be most suited to your new-found missionary work, since as was revealed to mankind recently, you are the Chosen One .

But true to your real calling, you cannot resist milking any opportunity for your political survival, even at a conference for former students.

For all your preaching and use of Arabic, I must say that so far you have not reflected anything to suggest that you are even remotely an Islamic icon.

Just a small reminder - you are urged to "Hold fast to the rope of Allah". I am sure it is not to be interpreted as "Hold fast to RM2.6 billion".

Ferdtan: If PAS is to remarry Umno, they would have ‘broken’ the Muslim divorce law of ‘talaq’ three times (if it were to apply similarly to political party too).

In the first marriage, they joined Alliance/BN from 1972 to 1978. They left the coalition (or expelled as recalled by the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat).

Then they married second time, Semangat 46 (1990 to 1996) in a coalition called Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah. That coalition died.

And later, the third marriage to Pakatan Rakyat. That too ended in an unofficial divorce.

Nik Aziz accused Umno of been a “liar” and stressed that PAS had learned from the mistakes of the past. So why then the present PAS leaders are so keen to be wooed/seduced by Umno?

Nik Aziz may not be around but in our hearts he is watching from Heaven. How disappointed he must be when even his political son, the party Youth chief, turned against his father’s wishes.

Negarawan: The country is witnessing two groups of corrupt and self-serving politicians eloquently quoting verses from the Quran to impress each other of their "Islamic credentials".

There is nothing more evil than men trying to portray themselves as holy men, with the aim of gaining more power and wealth.

YF: "And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful." (Sura 3:104)

Like any other religious text, one should never cherry-pick verses to support one's agenda without also applying all the religious texts so that what is applied is in context of the true meaning or spirit of that religion.

Otherwise, it is nothing but a pretext to fit the religious verses into one's agenda. This is what PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and Najib have done and they clearly ignore the next verse in Surah 3 which denounces the acts of wrongdoing.

Or even Surah 25:28-29 that denounces friendship/unity with a known wrongdoer. So how can Hadi represent Islam when he clearly has defiled the teachings of Islam by aligning himself with wrongdoers?

Mushiro: How convenient, the Quran stressed on unity with PAS and definitely not with Amanah or PKR Muslims.

And what does the Quran say about unity with non-Muslims - call them ‘pendatang’ as what the Umno ulamas has been preaching?

Anonymous_1398751861: What verses from the Quran does one have to recite to repent for bigotry and theft? I have many other words to add, but I fear I would be censored anyway.

More Umno branch chiefs urge Najib's resignation

Dont Just Talk: Pressure is building up on 'The Chosen One' to resign but will the demand by the five Gombak Umno Baru branch chiefs fall on deaf ear again?

Their leader Hamdan Abd Rahman took a step further when he asked the Umno Baru treasurer why the party’s financial account was not tabled at the recent AGM (annual general meeting), unlike previous years.

The answer is simple, there are lots of things to hide, like the missing RM2.6 billion which was meant for Umno Baru.

Anonymous 2387811448237089: It is incredible and preposterous that people can still believe in the donation story. Najib's troubles started in the days of 1MDB joint venture with PetroSaudi International.

If the donation story is true, I would like to ask how much of the country has been sold or ‘leased’ to the donor? There is no such thing as "free lunch".

Anon1: Even with 70 percent of the electorate losing faith in Umno-BN, I wonder how things will be with the authorities directed to stifle dissent using their powers under the Sedition Act, Pota, Sosma, I Shall Not Be Removed Act, Unnamed Sources Donation BS Act, We Are All In It Together Act, Expose Your Misdeeds Act, etc.

Which institution of government is going to stand up to this tyranny? Parliament? The executive? The judiciary?

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