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Gerakan the one keen to get Pua out of PAC?

YOURSAY | ‘Less talking on Liang Teck Meng’s part would at least gain him some respect.’

Pua trying to get sacked from PAC, Gerakan says

Appum: Gerakan MP Liang Teck Meng, don't try to show how capable or professional you are sitting in that committee. You were chosen there to help in the ‘sandiwara’ we all see outside.

People are already sick, disenchanted, and have lost absolute faith in that panel and all the institutions trying to cover up more and more issues in the scandal of the world.

And when the matter comes to a real point of action and conclusion, suddenly the panel was disbanded, people like you will become deputy ministers, officials are sacked, transferred, and even questioning ministers are sacked.

Come on, don't pull wool over our eyes. We are smarter than you think and can see through all your motives and intentions. Enjoy your perks while you can in that panel and shut up.

The less you open your mouth and try to suck up with your low opinions, the more people will spit at your name.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Liang, after reading Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua's statement again I noticed that what he had said was public knowledge already. He only went on to analyse the financial position of 1MDB based on those facts.

Furthermore, how did you find Pua infringing on the bounds placed by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)? To accuse Pua of deliberately getting sacked is ridiculously absurd.

It is you who is trying to get him sacked, knowing that Umno, your master, is ever willing to do so based on nonsensical reasons which you are desperately trying to furnish.

And your statement, "You owe it to your voters to uncover the real truth", makes you very much like Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who can coin fantastic slogans and statements depicting himself to be caring just to shroud your hypocrisy.

If you truly care for the voters, right now the world knows that RM2.6 billion is not a donation; you know it, but for your selfish agenda, you stoop to despicably lows to pretend not to.

Less talking on your part would at least gain some respect.

Odin Tajué: Liang Teck Meng, whether the PAC is impartial and is possessing of integrity means nothing, when its head is trying to ‘cari makan’ (making a living) and whatever recommendations it puts forward do not get acted on.

The PAC is nothing more than a troupe engaging in a farcical drama with no conclusion.

I can understand why members like you want to participate in the charade, but I can't for the life of me apprehend or intuit why Tony Pua would want to.

23451245: A very shameful statement coming out from this Gerakan person. YB Tony Pua from DAP is entitled to his opinion on 1MDB.

My guess is, this Liang fellow is trying to create a name for himself and come out in the news with some silly statements... just like Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ahmad Maslan.

James_3392: Just found out that this Liang fellow was the only candidate from Gerakan that had won an MP seat in the last general election.

He contested against a PAS candidate in both the last two general elections and won. PAS is no longer in Pakatan, so in the next general election he will likely face a Chinese candidate from DAP or PKR.

I hope Tony can be his opponent at Simpang Renggam in the coming general election. We can then see who the voters think is a more righteous candidate.

Apache: Tony Pua, there is no point being a member of a toothless committee that is not able to punish wrongdoers abusing taxpayers’ monies - and the remaining time to the next general election is limited.

So, concentrate on the next general election instead.

Thana55: Do not focus on Pua. You have been investigating for so long and going nowhere. What a bloody waste of taxpayers’ monies.

We salute Pua and PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli for their tireless work and sacrifice on behalf of the rakyat.

On the other hand, BN and the PAC are a bunch of third rates without the people's interest at the centre. Just get lost.

Middle path: Trying to show that you are relevant; and instead of barking at the crooks, you instead confront the one doing the real roles of what PAC members should be doing?

Go back into your shell!

Babylon: PAC and integrity? Mutually exclusive.

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