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Kit Siang: Lack of sharks in MACC shame list shameful
Published:  Jan 5, 2016 5:39 AM
Updated: 1:07 PM

MACC's 'name and shame' list of convicted corrupt individuals only brings shame to the graftbuster agency itself due to the lack of powerful but shady individuals on the list, DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang noted today.

"Can MACC point out any 'shark' in its 'name and shame' database of over 700 names or explain how it could claim to have any successful anti-corruption campaign when it had not been able to nab, prosecute and convict any 'shark' apart from ikan bilis (small fry)?" asked Lim in a statement.

Lim had previously called for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to be included in MACC's name and shame list after the Foreign Policy website ranked the discovery of RM2.6 billion in the premier's personal bank accounts as the third worst corruption scandal of 2015.

However, MACC, which is investigating Najib, yesterday said the list was only meant for convicted persons and not for those still under investigation.

"This is exactly the point I was making, that the MACC’s 'name and shame' database does not make any significant contribution to the battle against corruption, especially against grand corruption, when the person responsible for Malaysia to be ranked third in the world’s 'worst corruption scandals of 2015' is not even mentioned," said Lim.

Najib has denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the RM2.6 billion is a political donation from the Middle East.

Lim pointed out that three months has passed since the conference of rulers made its unprecedented statement calling for the probes into the RM2.6 billion and the 1MDB affair to be expedited

"MACC’s 'name and shame' website should probably be closed down as it only shames Malaysia when the person responsible for Malaysia to be ranked third in world’s 'worst corruption scandals of 2015' is not mentioned.

"Furthermore, it is also a sad reminder that the MACC seems to be a complete outsider in the nation’s worst financial scandal in history, with more questions than answers with the passage of time […] with MACC either in the dark or just impotent to check corrupt practices," said Lim.

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