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Najib, only the court can save your tattered reputation

YOURSAY | ‘Do you need to be reminded your image had long been distorted?’

Najib: Ling acted recklessly to tarnish image, reputation

CQ Muar: PM Najib Razak, did you really expect former MCA chief Ling Liong Sik to behave like a hypocrite after criticising those sins and crimes you had allegedly committed?

Was Ling's criticisms reckless and deemed mala fide? We, the rakyat, think not. The majority unanimously reckon Ling, in accusing you of wrongdoing, had acted justifiably and responsibly as a senior and seasoned statesman.

And you, Najib, in your usual disgusting facade, claimed that Ling had tarnished your image and reputation. Do you need to be reminded your image had long been distorted?

Just one other point that requires your explanation, Najib. If Ling had caused you so much embarrassment and damaged your "spotless" image and reputation, why did you resort to mediation ?

Are you that cheap as to parley after having initiated the legal suit? Are you regretting your action might expose more skeletons in your closet?

Vijay47: Najib's lawyers, in adopting the line of attacking defence they seem to rely upon, have managed at least some semblance of consistency similar to the "Are you going to hit us back if we continue?" approach they took against The Wall Street Journal .

Thus they lament that "Ling uttered the defamatory words without prior reference to Najib". I am very titillated by this unique complaint. What exactly does it mean?

That if Ling had referred his allegations to Najib before publication, it would have been acceptable? That it is the general practice of mankind to first refer allegations to the complainee?

Since Najib appears most upset about the slurs to his image and reputation, whatever they are, why was he making offers of mediation?

Ling, the old fox, of course did not take the bite and thereby made things worse for the "Malaysian citizen, prime minister and finance minister, an MP and community leader".

Oh, by the way, Najib, how does one qualify for the post of "elder statesman"?

Anonymous 29051438068738: Hey, Chosen One , did your "dignity and reputation" stop you from addressing members of Parliament who were awaiting your explanation on the 1MDB scandal?

Did your "dignity" prevent you from attending the Nothing2Hide forum ? And is it your "dignity and reputation" that's getting you to opt for mediation for which you will not show up?

Despicable doesn't begin to describe you.

Roguekiller: No one is saying that you have no right to sue each and every one who allegedly defamed you.

But since you have decidedly initiated legal action against Ling, why do you need to chicken out halfway through and not let the court hear the presentations to decide its findings?

Are you scared to be grilled by Ling's lawyers and former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, if called upon to testify, which probably may hinder your hope of success, and more so, expose your dirty linen for all to see?

Simple Malaysian: If it mattered so much, why is there a need for mediation without Najib being present ?

Why didn't Najib address Parliament and the MPs who are demanding that he provides direct answers? Why not go live on TV for a debate or Q&A session with opposition MPs (the list goes on)?

These are simple questions which people on the street and mamak stalls are asking daily.

Bluemountains: Yes, why mediate? So far, what Najib and Ling had said in their respective affidavits are mere hearsay.

It's only when the case goes to open court and substantiated by evidence that we will know whether Najib is in fact what Ling had alleged.

Otherwise, Ling will be made to pay very heavily if he had in fact defamed a prime minister.

Caripasal: The court is the place for truth. Please be reminded that the identity of the donor and the whereabouts of the RM2.6 billion will be revealed in the court.

The judges will have to force Najib or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to "expose all", as in the case of the journalist having to reveal one’s source of information.

Be a man, do not settle out of court.

Restless: Sure, every individual has a right to defend one’s dignity and reputation. We hope you will fight tooth and nail to restore your already tattered reputation.

But it looks like you have run out of substance in your reply to Ling 's defence. You are using standard stock phrases known to everyone.

Worldly Wise: When PPP leader DR Seenivasagam was sued for defamation by then-education minister Abdul Rahman Talib in the 60s, Seenivasagam showed in court what he said was true (in accusing the minister of involvement in corruption).

Abdul Rahman (who lost the lawsuit) subsequently resigned.

Will we see the same result in 2016? The judiciary must be independent. Ling must prove the truth. The prime minister must resign if that happens. Indeed, will history repeat itself?

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