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With Swiss AG’s move, the net is slowly but surely closing

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YOURSAY | ‘The Swiss AG seems more interested in seeking the truth than our AG.’

Swiss say US$4b misappropriated from M'sian state firms

Ghost Writer: Apparently the transactions involved four companies - PetroSaudi, SRC, Genting/Tanjong and the Abu Dhabi Malaysia Investment Company (ADMIC).

And the Swiss say the amount involved was US$4 billion (not money lost but moved around through their banking system).

The Swiss attorney-general (AG) says that a small part of the money was transferred into the accounts of former Malaysian officials in Switzerland as well as to former and current officials of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

They also say that the four affected companies have not acknowledged that such money was missing or they had suffered damages. The Swiss authorities also want to know what was the intended purpose of these transactions.

So, who are these two former directors and officers of 1MDB, former Malaysian officials and former and current officials of UAE?

This is an intriguing development as it involved UAE (which have never said they lost any money) and also involved Genting and Tanjong (which were never involved other than selling power plants).

Vijay47: Mohamed Apandi Ali, you were appointed AG in July 2015 and almost the very first thing you did was to urge the Swiss AG to cease investigations into 1MDB.

It looks like he did not. What the latest revelations from Zurich show is that unlike you, Darth Vader was a good guy at least for a while before he went to the Dark Side.

You were thrust into a position of trust and honour and what did you do? Would you dare show your face at any international event, preaching piously about the sanctity of the law?

Are you going to claim that your absolute discretion applies beyond criminal charges to your personal acts and decisions also?

The whole lot at the top, ministers and civil servants, you are all similarly contemptible and not even the usual defence of ‘ bangsa, agama and negara ’ will save you.

Headhunter: Yes, the net is slowly but surely closing. Politicians and others sycophants who are quick on the trigger to defend 1MDB better think twice before you open your big mouth lest you be accused as complicit to the whole sorry tale of deceit. The elephant in the room cannot be hidden forever.

Anonymous #21828131: When so many of these independent news agencies/prosecutors are crying foul, it has to be true. These news organisations/public prosecutors definitely cannot coordinate or collaborate with so many documents involved. It has to be the truth.

What a sham and absolute shame for our country. Isn't there any law-enforcing authority in Malaysia that could put an end to this disgraceful imbroglio?

Kingfisher: Indeed, this is very disturbing to read, if true, that “sources familiar with the September discussion between the two law enforcement officials said the Malaysian official strongly urged (Swiss AG Michael) Lauber to abandon his 1MDB-related investigation”.

The Swiss went through quite a moral cleansing to their reputation as a global financial hub after allegations of complicity as "financers" to the Third Reich during World War Two.

One would be absurdly naive whatever the high status of a foreign dignitary to expect the Swiss to close an eye to a notorious financial spectacle if it will have an unpleasant and negative bearing on their present esteem as a global financial centre.

Swipenter: Lauber must not have read international news on 1MBD lately. Our AG had just a few days ago pronounced that the central figure in the 1MBD saga is as clean as a needle and all investigations into 1MDB affairs ceased immediately.

The US$680 million was a political donation from the al Saud family to Najib personally and the latter had graciously returned the unused portion to the former. Our AG has also pronounced that his decision cannot be questioned nor challenged.

Now who is Lauber to interfere with his esteemed decision? He should also cease his investigation into 1MDB as advised previously by the "Malaysian official" but then again Lauber is Swiss, not a Malaysian beholden to Umno.

Send in the Clowns: All the president’s men, the renowned apple-polishers are engaged in working overtime to shield their grand crooked master.

"Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear. I thought that you'd want what I want. Sorry, my dear! And where are the clowns? Send in the clowns. Don't bother, they're here." (extracted from song ‘Send in the Clowns’)

Dont Just Talk: The head honcho can lie to some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.

We live in a world with CNN , BBC , Al-Jazeera , Sky News and websites, and although Apandi proudly proclaimed that no further action would be taken against PM Najib Abdul Razak, today’s BBC news said: ‘ Investigators say about $4bn may be missing from fund ’, which is neither an inspiring nor positive news for Malaysians.

What is the point of ‘recalibrating’ Budget 2016, when negative news keep hogging the BBC headline news.

RCZ: The leaders we currently have, please issue arrest warrants against the Swiss AG as he has interfered in the democracy of Malaysia, and while at it also issue arrest warrants against BBC as they have carried this story and Sarawak Report and sue all of them.

You tried to fool Malaysians and failed and you certainly haven't fooled the world. The days of you and your cronies, including fat boys and their Arab friends, are numbered.

Malaysia888: How embarrassing, the Swiss AG seems more interested in seeking the truth than the Malaysian AG.

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