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With Donor-gate, AG has opened Pandora's Box of repercussions

YOURSAY | 'So now, all civil servants can accept 'donations' in cash or whatever form.'

'Crystal clear' that AG yet to verify source of PM's donation

God Save Us: As the attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali himself has upheld that the top civil servant of the country committed no crime when a donation of epic portions was accepted by him and channelled into his personal account, what are the repercussions?

Can all civil servants in the land, hitherto, accept donations in cash or whatever form, which previously they were barred from doing, as it was considered facilitating possible corruption?

I recollect that even a bouquet of flowers or a hamper received in gratitude for honest service rendered has to be reported to the head of department.

So, by the AG's doctrine and decree, it appears that the floodgates have been opened. What is good for the goose, has to be good for the gander.

Bluemountains: According to Apandi, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was not aware that the RM42 million in his personal bank accounts came from former 1MDB subsidiary SRC International . Now that Najib is aware, has he returned the RM42 million to the Finance Ministry-owned subsidiary company?

Even if he had used the money, he is required by law to return it and order a thorough investigation to arrest the culprits who had transferred the money into his accounts, probably with the intention to implicate him.

Najib must not only direct the IGP to put those two senior officers on Interpol alert as they are hiding overseas and also order the case to be reopened.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: After so many months, Najib's team came up with a reason, that the donation came from Arab royalty. What a laughable reason.

First and foremost, Arabs, both royalty or ordinary, are not known for their generosity. To claim that the royalty had donated such a huge amount to Najib for the general election is simply absurd.

Don't you think that the Arab royalty is stupid enough to fund an election, the result of which will not affect them all? Don't you think it will be more wise to use that huge amount to build an ultra modern hospital for their subjects or buy more state-of-the-art weaponry for their armed forces?

Even though the Arab royalty might be super rich, just throwing away billions to a faraway land for the purpose of helping in its general election is insanely generous. Even Uncle Sam, known for its secret fundings, would not be able to fork out that huge an amount for that purpose.

Truth Really Hurts: The RM2.6 billion was donated and remitted into the Chosen One's bank account in early 2013. The account was closed shortly after. In mid-2015, the Chosen One claims there's a donor from the Middle East.

Both the DPM and MACC announce they have met the donor. Now it is claimed that (1) most of money was returned to donor in late 2013 (2) Donor is King Abdullah.

Don't the stories have more twists and turns than Dallas, Dynasty or the Scorpion Tales combined? King Abdullah died in January 2015, so how did DPM/MACC meet a dead monarch?

Did they secure help of the carpet flying, coconut bearing bomoh for mutual communication assistance?

The Swiss attorney-general says the amount of monies stolen based on the money trail from Swiss banks is closer to US$4 billion, not RM2.6 billion. Mind boggling.

If what Apandi says is true, that the US$4 billion case and RM2.6 billion case are different cases, then we actually have two explosive cases. The truth is finally revealed. Take and return RM2 billion but keep US$4 billion. Simply magic.

Tengku: Stop politicising this issue. Why can't we accept the fact that this money is donated by the Saudi royalty?

Kawak: For those Umno cybertroopers who have zero knowledge of criminal financial investigative techniques, please don't make fools of yourselves. The AG must assist MACC in obtaining foreign financial evidence from overseas to trace the ultimate source of the RM2.6 billion by completing the money trail.

Mere written statements from the "donor" are not conclusive. MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed is also disappointing by being silent on the omission of this critical investigation step.

We are concerned: Come to think of it, there is a hidden hand in this 1MDB debacle. Without 1MDB, life may not be so interesting. It is stirring up a lot of dirt and is like a refining fire. It will not stop burning until the filth burns away or floats to the surface.

It has gone international and therefore out of reach for anyone who intends to control the fire. Let the refined gold be separated from the filth.

Headhunter: They are going to be trapped in the hole they themselves dug. The Swiss, for sure, are going to expose all the dirt and muck they created. And we can expect no cover-up from the Swiss.

Ipohcrite: Going by the holes in his hasty explanation, the AG has painted himself into a corner and might soon be found to be complicit in the Donor-gate affair cover-up to exonerate the prime minister.

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