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Better dress up as Saudi prince instead of Chinese deity

YOURSAY | ‘All will be excited to see whether he gives ang pows the size of what Najib got.’

PAS rep in hot water for dressing like Chinese deity

SteveOh: There was an English planter in Malaya who was so loved by his Tamil plantation workers that after his death they made an effigy of the man and placed it among their other idols. In fact, according to the record, he was 'deified'.

The ancient Chinese also deified their 'heroes' but that ought not to detract from their historical, political and social roles.

The founders of some of today's religious practices would be horrified to know they are being 'worshipped' because it is the furthest thing from their minds.

I wonder what Confucius or Buddha would think of the temples erected to honour or even 'worship' them? The monkey and other common animals are worshipped as 'gods', so does that make those animals 'haram' or 'taboo'?

The PAS politician wasn't doing a religious enactment and those who pick on him have nothing better to do in their small-minded world. Some Malaysians live in Myopia and grope around in darkness still.

Indeed, the ancient Chinese worshipped the One-True-God 'Ti'.

Swipenter: Paya Jaras assemblyperson Mohd Khairuddin Othman should have dressed as a Saudi prince, and he would not face criticism from his party.

Dressing himself as a Chinese deity, it would be expected that all are excited to see whether he gives ang pows the size of what Najib got from the Saudi prince.

Open Minded: This nation is so divided in its thinking that today everything is viewed with suspicion and confusion. Gone are the days when everyone celebrated one another’s festivities with gaiety and fun without a wink about our racial origin.

Victor Johan: Nothing to worry, Mr PAS leader. The Chinese Muslims in mainland China had worn such and it didn't make them lesser Muslims.

The Islamic faith initially came to this region through the Muslim traders and migrants from China, Gujarat, Sindh and Bengal, and not the nomadic sects from Arabia and the Middle East.

Oh Ya?: Khairuddin might have donned a costume resembling a Taoist God but he was not doing it for religious reasons.

If it is offensive to Islam, does it mean that no Muslims should work in the movie and theatrical industry unless it produces only Islamic movies and plays?

Should they be involved in computer graphics and animations? Why are the MPs, cabinet ministers and judges allowed to don their horrendously designed attires then?

What about the military, police, doctors and even new graduates that are donning attires of the colonial past during their ceremonies?

What about the elite's preference for imported, branded suits, ties, shoes, etc? What about Birkin handbags? Shouldn't they be asked to wear like PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang?

Dom Pit: Is wearing of jeans Islamic? Levis is founded by a Jew.

Just a Malaysian: When I was young, my father was part of the Chinese association that celebrates our Terengganu sultan’s birthday. His team dressed up as four characters of ‘Journey to the West’ story, and walked on stilts.

I still remember upon reaching the istana, the four characters bowed and paid their respect to our sultan, who in turn nodded in recognition of them. One of them is a pig character and no one felt offended.

I would imagine a riot by Perkasa, Ali Tinju or Pekida if that happens today. In fact, the same show went on for four birthdays of our beloved sultan.

Is demo at Penang CNY do 'handiwork' of Ahmad Maslan?

The Analyser: This article by DAP leader Lim Kit Siang is hilarious. As I have often said, Umno deliberately acts offensively towards the Chinese just to see their laughably outraged reaction.

Here's a perfect example: for the cost of 30 demonstrators, Umno has created a response that far outweighs the ringgit spent. Everyone knows that the Israeli/DAP connection is the sort of garbage that any leader of dignity would ignore.

But not silly old Lim. With his Chinese self-righteousness, he rants on about non-Malaysian behaviour (whatever that is?) and cultural sensitivities and then lapses into his usual routine of endless criticisms.

Wong Lu Shin: The Analyser, I really do not know what to make of you. On many occasions, you make comments that are really very intelligent, but other times quite the opposite.

On this occasion, I disagree with your comment. Lim has every right to be outraged. Not only is this a disruption of the peace, it is done for completely fabricated reasons, and none of the relevant authorities has taken any action.

I think if a gang of hooligans came to disrupt a party at your home and the police took no action, you would be pretty angry too.

Mushiro: The inspector-general of police (IGP) should be held responsible. When the Penang state government had their own volunteer Rela to look after basic security knowing that the police are incapable of being fair, the IGP forced the state government to abandon the plan, claiming that the police will look after the state’s security.

Very regularly, Umno sends its hooligans to disturb the Penang government’s events with the police closing one eye. The police seem to be a political wing of Umno.

Odin Tajué: My friends, it is not worth it to get upset at the crass behaviour of the 30 people. They are from the lowest rung of the society ladder, have foul-smelling mud for brains, and they were showing their Malay dignity.

Res Ipsa: It now appears as if minister Ahmad Maslan has more than two jobs…

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