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Dr M key in shaping the Malaysia he's unhappy with

YOURSAY | 'He is now facing the consequences of his own doing.'

Mahathir says he's no longer proud of Malaysia

FellowMalaysian: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he was no longer proud of Malaysia and this was because he could not explain what was happening to this country.

These acrimonious but poignant words, coming from the most senior living statesman in the country, clearly explained the vitriol Mahathir must have felt towards PM Najib Razak in the past year.

There's also the pain, anger and resentment that must have arose out of the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion donation scandals, and the orchestrated removal of his son Mukhriz Mahathir and ally Muhyiddin Yassin from their posts as Kedah MB and DPM, respectively.

Mahathir is also right when he said most people were disgusted with the cabinet. Instead of condemning Najib over the unimaginable amount of cash he had received, the bunch of ingratiating ministers banded around him.

But Mahathir is known for his resolve and the single-minded pursuit of his beliefs. Bitter as he may be over Najib whom he claimed has destroyed the system, perhaps taking the lead role in an anti-Najib campaign may prove to be his catharsis.

Anonymous_1401675508: What a stupid remark from Mahathir. We must always be proud of Malaysia, not of the idiots who ruin it.

Continue-The-March: I concur with Mahathir on this. In the early 90s, we were a proud country and people said good things about us and our Vision 2020.

Now, in the immigration queue overseas, I feel uneasy to be carrying a Malaysian passport. This is caused by the corrupt-to-the-core Umno Baru government.

But it began with the trumped-up charges against Mahathir’s former deputy Anwar Ibrahim - Sodomy I, Sodomy II and the doctored sex video done to destroy Anwar's credibility.

In the process, it destroyed Malaysia's credibility and our name on the world stage. It is sad to say it all started from the purge of Anwar in 1998 and Mahathir is now facing the consequences of his own doing - karma is calling.

SSDhaliwal: Yes, you can say that again; now when I'm abroad, I'd rather say I'm from Pakistan.

Anonymous 2397511454644110: Mahathir behaves like a godfather. He speaks as though he is the main reason other leaders are where they are. Previously, he said that Najib went up the political ranks because of him.

Latest, he says that Zahid became a minister because of him. Well, Malaysia is also rotten because of you, Mahathir.

Anonymous 2402521456737582: How useful to rant about a leader (Mahathir) who gave up power in 2003. And what has the opposition come to in 2016, 13 years later?

Endless infighting, a leader who seems as lost as a helpless child, no direction, no hope of effecting change. So who has the last laugh? Najib, of course.

If he was reading Malaysiakini , I think he would be very happy indeed that the people of Malaysia cannot unite to remove the weakest and worst government of all time. How ironic.

Red Sails in the Sunset: We all know deep in Mahathir's heart Anwar is still the one. It is now a question if he can find the courage to swallow his pride, and admit his folly for once.

Anonymous 2299391436500295: Malaysia was never loved internationally, except by the Arabs.

Jibtuya C4: Anonymous 2299391436500295, I disagree with your above statement.

Actually, the Arabs see Malaysia as a low-class third world country (which we are) and the Arabs see Muslim Malaysians as uneducated fake Muslims.

It's only the Malays and the government that think the Arabs are their "brothers".

Over50ABU: Mahathir, there are many who are not proud of Malaysia since you took over as premier. Najib is only following in your footsteps.

You still haven't woken up from your slumber. You do not seem to know the roots of the problems.

1malaysia2perak3katak: I am proud to be a Malaysian but am ashamed of what Umno under Najib is doing. Come GE14, vote BN out.

Anonymous_1424677312: It's not only a bad government, it is also the worst and most hopeless government.

The Analyser: What? Are you no longer proud of the brat you spawned? So it's the financial scandals that are bothering you, is it?

Maybe if you had thought a little more about the ethics and principles that you destroyed, these financial scandals would never have arisen.

PakBehToh: With nary a care in the world, Najib is traipsing around in Donationland with his wife in tow.

He is neither ashamed of Malaysia, nor of himself - because he has utterly no sense of shame.

You should be ashamed, Mahathir, not for the country but for the monster you created, which is now is out of control.

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