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Zaid, please ensure no private account for Save M’sia donations

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YOURSAY | ‘Remember to classify it under ‘derma’, otherwise you may get into trouble…’

Zaid makes a plea: Donate RM10 for Save Malaysia fund

Shanandoah: This is a great way of showing public support for the Save Malaysia cause. Former minister Zaid Ibrahim, you can have my money. It's a small sum.

Together we can bring down the 47 percent voters who put alleged thieves, rascals and scoundrels to govern this corrupted country. It is really sickening to watch this nation going down the drain.

The amount collected should be stupendous enough for PM Najib Razak to resign without being forced out by demonstrations on our streets. Give us the account numbers to deposit the money.

Anonymous_4056: I pledge a personal commitment of RM100, please give more details. Also, please don’t call it donation. It’s an extremely dirty word these days.

Cogito Ergo Sum: I am in too. Make it RM20. I think the suggestion that those at the top match it ringgit for ringgit is fantastic. I am sure Selangor and Penang state governments will contribute too.

Basically: Before I part with my hard-earned cash (after deducting GST), the moot question is, are we donating to Save Malaysia, or Save Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

I have a strong feeling this will end up being the latter and we can look forward to another 50 years of Mahathirism 2.0.

Sinan Belawan: The people signing the document are some of the wealthiest Malaysians.

Ling Liong Sik's son became a billionaire at age 28; recently Forbes listed Mokhzani, son of Mahathir, as 14th richest man in Malaysia; Zaid himself is an Umno-made multi-millionaire.

Some of the NGO activists too are from the wealthy class. This is a power game of the few wealthy.

Importantly, it has already been highlighted Malaysian citizens were not consulted or involved in producing this statement. There are ethical and trust questions about the venture of this group.

Save Malaysia is not a legal entity registered to carry out activities and raise funds.

Kuasa Rakyat: Umno troopers are now "smarter". They are now talking about ethical and trust involving donations.

After Najib received RM2.6 billion into his private and personal account with totally no transparency and accountability, donating to "Get Rid of Najib" cause seem like the most loyal thing to do for the rakyat.

It's almost "godly" compared to Najib's RM2.6 billion.

Dont Just Talk: Zaid, can we not ask the rich Saudi Arabia royalty to donate RM2.6 billion, or at least RM42 million, to the Citizens' Declaration fund.

Just tell them that should there be any excess fund, the balance will be returned to the Saudi Arabian king.

Remember to classify it under ‘derma’, otherwise you will get into trouble with Bank Negara, Income Tax Department, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and what not.

Knowing very well that Zaid will get to nowhere with his request, now that Saudi Arabia State is seeking US$6-8 billion from foreign banks, Bersih Malaysians will gladly donate RM10 as requested by Zaid.

Give us the bank account number, and please not a personal account number like our 1MDB PM.

LifeFlier: Zaid, I have been starving myself whole day, skipped my naked nasi lemak as breakfast, lunch with kangkung and dinner in Ayam-1Malaysia leftover chicken feet to save RM10.

I love Malaysia, and hope that you will accept my gesture of honesty.

Anonymous #20099632: RM10? No problem. Give me the details. Our future is worth more than that.

Stop bickering about who will replace Najib, says Zaid

LifeFlier: Zaid’s piecemeal solution is obviously none other than getting rid of symptom without uprooting the cause, or setting out on a journey without knowing our destination.

The power of people must unanimously converge on three ultimate goals, first is the upholding of the law by the judicial branch (which has crumbled like a broken cookie), followed by legislative house (which is ridiculously divided and in total chaos), then followed by executive branch which is headed by the prime minister (who has the most power among them but is now allegedly the most corrupt freewheeling monster).

How Citizen's Declaration can be effective depends on how well it addresses these three issues - removing the present prime minister without identifying the candidate for the next PM is a fuzzy endeavour.

Anonymous_1391693662: Can we have this condition in the declaration - that once Najib is removed, Parliament is to be dissolved and a fresh GE is called. With that, the choice of the new PM will be the choice of people.

Aziz Kader: Zaid, why remove Najib if the person going replace him is either Muhiyiddin Yassin or Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Wouldn’t it be better to keep Najib until next election or can we replace him with jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim? If so, we will support you.

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