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Millions spent on clothes and jewellery in four months!

YOURSAY | ‘Why are AG and IGP so reluctant to investigate all these allegations?’

Report: Najib spent US$15m on holidays, shopping and jewellery

FellowMalaysian: Indeed, stark and startling revelations of PM Najib Razak's 'personal' spending to the tune of millions from August to December 2014 - all within a period of four months.

Where did he get all the money? His brother Nazir had said it was not from their family heirloom and neither does his salary can pay for his profligate spending.

The Wall Street Journal has even claimed that it has evidence that the money is derived from 1MDB. Donation from Saudi royalties? My foot.

While the rakyat suffer in silence in times of economic hardship, our prime minister has the nerve and the heart to go around the world and shop in the most extravagant ways that no caring leader of a country should be seen doing.

Najib's callous and reckless spending spree can only go to justify the common belief that he is in possession of a lot of allegedly ill-gotten wealth that runs perhaps into billions.

And what is unnerving is that the claim by many reliable sources that his treasure trove could well come from the blood, sweat and tears of his people who toil each day just to make ends meet.

While his father empathised with the suffering and agony of the poor by literally 'going down to the padi fields' when he was the country's prime minister, it seems Najib is more at home with his luxurious lifestyle.

I squirm in embarrassment to see Najib meeting the people wearing a straight face.

Slumdog: It is incomprehensible and obscene to the extreme how someone can spend so much money on jewellery and clothes while the rest of the rakyat struggle to survive from day to day and live in squalor in the poorest parts of the country.

Is this the glorious life of a prime minister who is without conscience and shows no empathy for his fellow Malaysians? And let us not forget Najib’s call to be moral and principled .

Unspin: With the exposé of one smoking gun after another, it has been said that no leader of a democratic country would have survived these kind of incessant onslaught.

Even Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe – the first name that pops up in most people’s minds when one thinks about a leader of a pariah democracy – cannot survive if millions of dollars were to be found in his personal bank account.

How much longer are we going to bear this global shame that is caused by the misdeed of just one man and his wife?

Vijay47: Once again, as a true patriot, I will answer the nation's bugle call and on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), prepare a reply to these new scurrilous allegations by WSJ.

"Najib el Razak is a leader elected through a democratic process and the Malaysian people are grateful and honoured to be led and guided by such a worthy prime minister.

“If his or his wife's daily expenses have to be financed by the government, it is only because the nation is fully aware that our beloved First Couple must reflect a lifestyle in keeping with their stature.

“When it comes to the prime minister, we will not stinge, we will ensure that he enjoys the best things in life he so richly deserves even if we have to starve. How can we not do our part when even the Arab world is so lavish with its gifts to him?

“Malaysia is an economic powerhouse and our prime minister must always reflect an image befitting his status. It must be remembered that although we seek their exploited labourers, Malaysia is not Bangladesh.”

Anonymous_1388029052: What is the PM's annual remuneration? Malaysians in general are finding it hard to make ends meet and we have such an extravagant PM and wife who spend money like water.

Odin Tajué: Background information: Porto Cervo is, in a sense, ‘tiny', but it is only part of Costa Smeralda.

Developed by the super wealthy Aga Khan and designed by world-renowned architects in the early 1960s, Costa Smeralda occupied some 20km of the coast line and became an instant hit as a holiday destination for the world's super rich, who would come in their own mega yachts. There was no airport anywhere near until some 40 years later.

When you are in Costa Smeralda/Porto Cervo and you aren't that rich, one would suppose that you might be sorely tempted to keep up appearances to keep up with the Joneses. You wouldn't want to be perceived to be an impoverished, uncivilised native from an unknown village in some godforsaken jungle somewhere in the Far East, would you?

Thus, splashing some €750,000 million (RM3.3 million) at one shot on jewellery might be necessary to project a picture of what you are actually not. And if you can dip your grubby hand into your country's piggy bank, your problem is instantly solved.

FairMind: It makes me wonder why US President Barack Obama is so nice to Najib.

It is important to note that all these exposé came from the "Malaysian investigation documents" viewed by WSJ.

It is such a clear-cut case of corruption and graft by a head of government. Many government servants have been indicted and sent to jail for lesser offences.

It now seems clear that the attorney-general (AG) and the inspector-general of police (IGP) have themselves both committed offences for clearing a government servant from wrongdoings, documents of which could have been given to them by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Lulu: Why are the AG and IGP so reluctant to investigate all these allegations? There have been allegations by so many people and organisations, but yet they turn a blind eye.

It is absolutely sickening.

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