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Alas, so even royals are spied on by our ‘secret’ police

YOURSAY | ‘It's their ‘if you are not with us you must be with them’ mantra.’

TMJ claims his phone is tapped, movements monitored by SB

Ferdtan: Welcome to the ‘opposition to BN’ club, Your Royal Highnesses.

All of them, in the perverted eyes of the public agents of the government, are suspects if they were in one way or another spoke out against the Umno government.

So now we have suspected royal ‘terrorists’ in the list to be monitored by having their phones bugged?

The ‘black books’ of the enforcement agencies have now grown thicker to include not only the opposition leaders and outspoken activists, but members of the royalties.

Are other kings, like the former Agong, included in the list as recently the state was having problems with its state menteri besar?

We have terrorists coming from Sulu more than a few times to kidnap Malaysians for ransom, and yet we have no intelligence on them. What a waste of our resources to target the wrong suspects.

Headhunter: It's their "if you are not with us you must be with them" mantra.

Wira: If the role of the police includes monitoring other pillars of our democracy, tell me who is monitoring the police?

In North Korea, the young Kim Jong-un monitors everyone. Is this happening in this country, too?

Cogito Ergo Sum: If this is true (that Johor crown prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is being spied on by the Special Branch), then football had become a dangerous game.

Pahatian: As an anak Johor, I find this a little disturbing. What's their agenda? I guess somebody is plotting something to implicate or embarrass the Johor royalties.

Explain reason for spying on crown prince, gov't told

Victor Johan: The police investigation team and other relevant authorities should investigate this act of sedition and intimidation against the Johor royal family. No one should be spared.

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, where are you?

Guyintheglass: "Indeed, the government should not spy on citizens because of their political activities or views," said state DAP chairperson Liew Chin Tong.

This is the crux of the issue. No one should be spied on for their political activities or views.

Ferdtan: His royal highness should summon the police or even the head police to the palace for a dressing down.

We remember even former deputy prime minister Musa Hitam got a tongue lashing from the former sultan/Agong. We remember Musa Hitam appearing in front of the late sultan with his head bowed low in a photo in mainstream media.

We would like to see police bow in humility for their mistake, if it is true as alleged.

MacMac: The scared ones always spy on others.

Misunderstanding, says IGP after audience with prince

Vijay47: So it was all a misunderstanding? How cute. The universally accepted belief is that Tunku Ismail is a man of some intelligence and as such, would have more sense than inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar.

But that is hardly of any merit since almost anybody on either side of the railway tracks is more intelligent than the IGP, except perhaps Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

So what was the misunderstanding all about? That the Tengku Mahkota woke up one fine morning, maybe after Johor fared poorly in a football match, and decided that making allegations about his phone being tapped and Special Branch files being opened left, right and centre on himself and the sultan would be a comforting start to the day?

More likely, someone in the police force itself informed His Highness of what Khalid and his merry men were up to and Tunku Ismail gently told Khalid that unless he stopped his nonsense forthwith, he would get a royal boot up his not-so-royal butt. The crowd would love to see that.

Pahatian: The IGP has an audience with the TMJ and said that it was all a misunderstanding. So was the TMJ's phone bugged and his movements monitored by the Special Branch? We want to know.

If indeed it is true, the IGP might have s**t in his pants when he was summoned to the Istana. Serve him right.

God Save Us: Misunderstanding, really? What a great word to use to cover all ills and misdeeds. How many more common Malaysians are having their privacy intruded upon clandestinely?

Anonymous 122461436161429: And did the prince tell the Twitter King to stop all the spying of other people too if indeed that was done? After all, the prince said he is the leader of the people.

Anonymous_1390303981: Mr IGP, please read the second line of our Rukun Negara.



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