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Mahathir, citizens won't sign declaration just to save BN

YOURSAY | 'Why save BN? So that they can continue with their rampant corruption...?'

Vote out Najib to change PM, save BN, says Dr M

Anonymous #12566075: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has shown his true colours by asking Pekan constituents to vote out Najib Razak to save the BN government. That is the reason why his campaign has so far failed.

BN has been ruling Malaysia with a string of corrupt leaders, Mahathir included, though the scale of corruption was not as big as what we see now.

To save Malaysia, BN, especially Umno, must be voted out at the elections.

Nes: Mahathir, what you have said is the simple reason why many of us do not sign the Citizens' Declaration.

Tell the Truth: Dr M, it is no longer about saving BN. Please get this through your head. It is about saving the rakyat, and this can only come by dumping BN wholesale.

Stop dreaming about saving BN or Umno. We say damn them!

Anonymous #33227154: Why save BN? So that they can continue with their rampant corruption and racial discrimination?

Straight-Talk: Mahathir wants to unseat Najib - fat hopes! Money talks. Just look at the recent Sarawak elections.

Worldly: Mahathir was right when he asked the PM to resign. But much has happened between the exposure of the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ and now.

What about all those who have received a share of the RM2.6 billion?

Mosquitobrain: Now we know what is meant by 'cash is king'. When the cash mill is still churning out 'cash', the support will be there.

Once it stops rolling out 'cash', will all his so-called die-hard cronies and warlords still support him?

Free and Fair Election: Mahathir, Najib is only following in your footsteps. You were racist and corrupt and so Najib has allegedly done the same - to the extreme.

After Najib, another Umno fellow would follow the footsteps of Najib and get even worse. The best is to change government and let other parties have a go. We have had enough of BN!

Mojo Jojo: Indeed, a system birthing the likes of Najib and all sorts of malady is not worth saving.

Mahathir: Umno leaders will be cursed, punished for party’s betrayal

Dont Just Talk: The Umno Baru leaders are not stupid by blindly supporting the '681 American Pies' leadership. Apparently, they too enjoy some pies thrown to them along the way.

There is a saying that birds of the same feather flock together, and it is now the era of 'money talks and bulls**t walks'.

Otherwise, why has our ringgit weakened to RM4.07 to US$1 and RM3.05 to S$1? Don't our leaders have any shame whatsoever?

EmEmKay: In my opinion, let BN, and indirectly Umno, lose the next GE - once they sit in the opposition bench, only then they will come to their senses and will think of serving the rakyat instead of serving themselves.

Although the Citizens' Declaration is a good move, I want it to be a failure. If the Citizens' Declaration is successful, BN would be in power perpetually and we Malaysians forever will never enjoy a working two-party system.

Just because BN lost its two-thirds majority after GE12 and subsequently lost important states like Selangor and Penang, we have seen many changes.

When both Selangor and Penang introduced many incentives for its citizens, like free water, financial aid for senior citizens, clean governance and open tenders, etc, the BN government was forced to relook and introduce similar incentives like BR1M etc.

Such competition will be good for the future generations of Malaysia.

Worldly Wise: How does Mahathir explain all the other members of the Umno supreme council and delegates - they all supported the RM2.6 billion going into the PM's personal accounts? The country has been disgraced all over the world.

Sixty years after independence, Malaysia should have a United Malaysians National Organisation, not the antiquated United Malays National Organisation.

Malays in meritocratic Singapore would not come and live in Malaysia even if Mahathir pays them a million ringgit each.

Malaysia must move forward.

Dr PM: When national oil company Petronas is only accountable to the prime minister of the day and not to Parliament, this is what happens to the country.

Mahathir, this is your legacy to Malaysia and to Umno.

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