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YOURSAY | ‘No one needs to merely take Sarawak Report’s word for it.’

1MDB report retyped to protect source, says S'wak Report editor

Odin Tajué: Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, first, those hell-bent on hiding the contents of the auditor-general's report on 1MDB from public knowledge and their rabid supporters are, one can say with 99.999% certainty, unlikely to understand the need to retype the document in order to protect the identity of the party that has given the particular copy to you. It is just far too technical a subject for them.

That they cannot see their own severe lack of mental capacity for reasoning is ample support of one's assertion that they are totally ignorant of such matters.

If they had that capacity, they would have realised that only a moronic ditz would accuse you of having contravened Malaysia's Official Secrets Act (OSA) by publishing the contents of the said report and at the same time charging you with having tampered with the original and then published your own tampered version.

Only idiots would not know that a tampered version of the report is not covered by the said act. The Dunning-Kruger effect bears relevance here.

And one can rephrase it thus - people who are the most stupid/ignorant are the least aware of their own stupidity/ignorance.

Nevertheless, if it is any consolation to you, those with at least two neurons and two synapses functioning would be able to deduce the authenticity of your version.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: PM Najib Razak, how on earth can you still have dignity when Sarawak Report is taunting you with damning allegations against you almost every day?

Any leader worth his salt would have taken action long ago. You have no option. You are stripped naked by Sarawak Report on the international scene.

What are you actually made of? Definitely not of sterner stuff. Be brave. Declassify the auditor-general’s report for all to see.

Failing which, there is only one conclusion: Sarawak Report is telling the truth and you are guilty of all those allegations.

Goldee: Firstly, Najib asked the people to wait for the audit report as well as the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report.

When the audit report is out, he classified it under the OSA. Why?

It must have implicated someone so they concealed it. Shameful indeed.

Anony #00123: Sarawak Report continues to repeat the same allegations. However, not once has the publication offered any conclusive evidence to support its claims.

Its only justification for its continued attacks is that the information it claims to have was obtained from unnamed and anonymous sources.

One Malaysia: It won't take billions to sue Sarawak Report. And we will get it all back if Rewcastle-Brown is lying, along with Malaysia's good reputation.

So, please, Najib, take her to the British courts even if she can't be extradited to be judged by our courts here. It's not rocket science.

NNFC: Obviously, the government is not releasing the report in order to allegedly protect the guilty ones. Otherwise, why would they keep it under OSA?

The employment of Umno cybertroopers to post comments in Malaysiakini also demonstrate their concerns about its release.

Cmfoo: No one needs to merely take Sarawak Report’s word for it.

But we have yet to see the Malaysian authorities debunk a single published detail of the leaked auditor-general's report. Indeed, none of them can. Why?

The facts and truths stand solid on its own.

Anonymous 2028781434694491: The auditor-general's report locked under OSA? This is solid proof that someone is trying to hide one’s alleged crime.

The whole world knows about that, except stupid Malaysians.

Victor Johan: Those BN members in PAC had, together with the non-BN members, seen the full report from the auditor-general.

The BN members are keeping mum citing the OSA, knowing that the act was abused to stop the revelation of the truth.

The report needs to be presented in Parliament and our elected representatives must debate on the report as it is a public concern.

Anonymous 2415891461978791: One hammer blow after another lands on Najib's head.

With the revelation of the auditor-general's report, the foreign prosecutors will have the final pieces needed in their investigations.

Clare Rewcastle-Brown is the Joan of Arc of Malaysia!

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