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Even the White House not shielded from 1MDB scandal

YOURSAY | ‘Now we know how Najib got to play golf with Obama.’

WSJ: 1MDB link to businessman involved in White House visit probed

Mushiro: A White House visit was allegedly arranged for relatives of PM Najib Razak for US$10 million. Was the golf session with US President Barack Obama also paid for?

Obama must be thinking that if someone is willing to be a sucker, why not? And Malaysian citizens will have to foot the bill as the government is guarantor for the 1MDB bonds.

Kim Quek: The fallout of the toxic 1MDB bomb seems to be ubiquitous, this time, reaching the doorstep of the White House.

As correctly pointed out by readers here, Sarawak Report did give an exhaustive coverage on this subject on Nov 15, 2015.

It is in fact another piece of Jho Low’s handiwork, not unlike the infamous 1MDB-PetroSaudi JV (joint venture) which evaporated into thin air US$1.83 billion of Malaysian taxpayers’ hard-earned money - except this time on a smaller scale.

This time, the multi-million dollar haemorrhage from 1MDB took place through also a phoney JV - with Obama’s top fund raiser Frank White Jr’s unit on the pretext of developing a pseudo solar energy project.

Will the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) this time - under the energetic leadership of its new chief Dzulkifli Ahmad - jump in to probe this multi-million-dollar scam with the same zeal as it demonstrated in its high-profile netting of the allegedly corrupt officials in Sabah?

As for the US Department of Justice (DOJ), there is no reason why it can’t establish the illegitimacy of White’s multi-million income allegedly milked from 1MDB, especially with the abundance of crucial details furnished by Sarawak Report.

Anonymous #13114320: Will somebody tweet this news to US presidential candidate Donald Trump?

He will definitely bring this 1MDB controversy up to stir up rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign or bombard the Obama administration for using alleged corrupted funding.

SusahKes: Yes, when you read news such as these, then you begin to wonder if Trump was right all along when he chastised Clinton/Obama for having connections with Wall Street types.

Indeed, somebody ought to forward this news to Trump.

Legit: If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the US DOJ suit and whatever investigation going on in the US with regards to 1MDB might just fade away.

It is possible that DuSable Capital Management (and the Clinton Foundation) could be the conduits for her to receive illicit money from foreign countries.

Trump's campaign should look closely into this possible wheeling, dealing and stealing going on. Meanwhile, let Hillary dwell into how Trump put his hand inside a woman some three decades ago.

It looks like US politics is not that different from that of some low-down third world countries like Malaysia.

Drngsc: You see how corrupt and powerful lobbyist are. For the right amount of money, you can play golf with Obama and influence legislation. The whole system is corrupt.

That is why we should support Trump. He will clean up this corrupt system, and save America. Make America great again. With Hillary, it will be more of the same.

Abasir: Frank White's black hand in this dark affair now coming to light is, frankly speaking, disturbing.

Just when we thought Obama and his crew had set higher standards, this revelation raises troubling questions about the motivations behind his two visits and that infamous round of golf.

Ronald: In America, from top to bottom, it is all about money. The American lobbyists are very powerful people and for them, it makes no difference if they are Democrat or Republican for they are always ready to do a deal if the money is right.

Frank White is just one of the few lobbyists who happens to have access to the president. Lucky fellow, but Malaysia can kiss goodbye to the money our friends have paid him.

LKY: Wow, pay so much green fees to play golf. One can build one’s own golf course with that amount of money. No wonder, he boasted that he was the only one who could play golf with Obama.

Anonymous_1421806811: Yes, now we know how Najib got to play golf with Obama - not because Obama thinks highly of him but because Najib most likely used 1MDB's money to pay for it.

I wonder what happened to the Solar Power plant deal and how much money was lost?

Clongviews: Wah, Najib/Malaysia is so powerful that they can also fund the US election campaign. After Obama, they hope that Hillary is next.

So Najib is right - cash is king. But whose money?

Wira: It would appear that Malaysia, like Russia, is also in the game to influence the result of the US presidential election.

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